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KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter VMIII 3kW 24V


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Rated Power3000VA / 3000W 
Maximum PV Array Power4000W
MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage120VDC~430VDC
Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage500VDC
Maximum Solar Charge Current80A
Maximum AC Charge Current60A
Maximum Charge Current80A

Please note that these inverters cannot be paralleled.

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KODAK Off-grid inverter

The OG 3.24 is ideal as an affordable and fully functional centre of your off-grid system.

ThE wide MPP voltage range makes DC string design with your choice of module easy.  

Best suited to smaller domestic systems where no parallel operation is needed. 

Operates at 24V, so an ideal match with the Pylon US2500 24V model. 

• Removable LCD control module with multiple communications servers and ATM
• Built-in Bluetooth for mobile monitoring (Android App is available)
• Replaceable fan design for ease of maintenance
• Supply load from Grid or PV, even battery is not available
• Configurable AC/PV output usage timer and prioritization
• Selectable high power charging current
• Selectable input voltage range for home appliances and personal computers
• Compatible to Utility Mains or generator input
• Auto restart while AC is recovering
• Cold start function
Note: The Kodak VMIII inverter has a CAN-bus port included, which means a direct connection to Plyontech batteries is possible. Therefore no other control module, such as the ICC, is needed

Distributor Warranty Details

Kodak Inverter Warranty (PDF)


questions Justin on 11/05/2022

Hi This may sound stupid but can you run power from your solar panels without batteries even when eskom is down during loadshedding? I see you said this inverter can run without batteries but Im assuming that means Eskom must be on? Regards.


Hi, yes, you either need a battery or ESKOM power to underpin the solar power being produced. There needs to be an underlying source that can prevent the loads from dropping in the event that the solar power drops below the load requirement.

questions eric on 28/04/2022

Would i be able to add additional batteries to this system


Hi Eric, yes you would.

questions Tobie on 14/09/2020

Hi. Regarding the KODAK Solar Off-Grid Inverter VMIII 3kW 24V: do the fan reduce in speed or shut down with low loads? If I pull load from solar panels for a 1kw element on a geyser for say 5 hours a day: would that be fine for the mppt and inverter? With incidental loads now and then? Thanks


Hi Tobie, no this inverters fans will not do that - they're either on or they're off depending on the internal heat of the unit. Yes it can run a 1kW element no problem.

questions Warren on 05/01/2020

Sorry, just to check the one comment in the feature list, can I use this invertor without batteries? Supply load from Grid or PV, even battery is not available. Like a grid tied invertor? Also which is a better unit and why this Kodak or the equivalent Axpert?


HI, yes, this particular inverter can be used without batteries.

The Kodak and the Axpert are exactly the same machine just branded differently - there is no difference between this and the axpert equivalent.

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