Kilowatts measure power consumption at an instant in time.
Kilowatt-Hours measure how much energy is used over time

"kW" stands for kilowatt, and it's a unit of power, which is a measure of how much energy is being used or produced at any given moment. Think of it as the speed at which energy is being used or produced.

"kWh" stands for kilowatt-hour, which is a unit of energy. It's a measure of the total amount of energy that has been used or produced over a certain amount of time. Think of it as the size of the energy "bucket".

Here's an analogy to help illustrate the difference:

Imagine you're filling a bucket with water using a hose. The speed at which the water is being poured into the bucket is like the power, and the total amount of water in the bucket is like the energy.

So if you have a 1 kW hose and you use it for 1 hour, you would have produced or used 1 kWh of energy.