Please note the following battery and inverter sizing considerations for your system.

Pylontech batteries have a 0.5C rating, meaning: 

Continuous Current rating:

-The US3000C range can provide 37A each, which is about 1700W per parallel battery.

-The US2000B can provide 25A each, which is about 1200W per parallel battery.

-The UP2500 can provide 26A each, which is about 1340 W per parallel battery.

-The UP5000 can provide 50A each, which is about 2400W per parallel battery.

The number of parallel batteries should be suitably selected for the power rating of the inverter to avoid damaging the batteries.


Correct Inverter Selection:

With all High-Frequency inverters such as the Kodak and Mecer type inverter, the batteries supported continuous discharge current can be 70% of the inverter's capacity. For a 5kVA inverter that requires a total discharge current of 5000W / 48V = 105A, the supported continuous battery discharge current can be 73.5A

Please note, the correct BMS Cable for communication to the Pylontech range is packaged with the inverter for all KODAK inverters.

Transformer based inverters or Victron inverters specifically specify a 100% continuous discharge current from the batteries. As an example, for a 5kVA Victron which is 4kW the battery requirement would be 4000W / 48V = 83A continuous discharge current from the batteries.  In this case a full 3x US3000 or 4x US2000 batteries would be required.

Please note, the correct BMS Cable for communication to the Pylontech range in Victron Systems is dependent on which model of battery chosen

For warranty purposes please follow the above-supported battery guidelines, any deviation from this could affect the product warranty.


Battery settings:

The BMS functions to protect the battery but it has limits. Always ensure that the battery settings are correctly programmed before connecting any charging sources - GRID, GENERATOR or PV

The BMS may be damaged at voltages over 55V, the max voltage for the battery is 53.2V. Many inverters have default charge settings for lead-acid programmed in exceeding 56V. Connecting PV or grid before setting the correct values means that you may start charging at these high settings and damage the batteries.


Terminal Ratings:

The Pylontech range of batteries has quick-connect Surlock connectors, which have a maximum rated capacity of 120A. Depending on the configuration, there maybe need to have a bus bar configuration for solutions that require a discharge capacity that exceeds the rated 120A of the Surlock connectors

Using the batteries outside the operating range will void the warranty, over voltage and over current conditions are recorded on the battery BMS.