SOLAR SHOP is an initiative from Greenology (Pty) Ltd. which was established in 2009 and initially concentrated it‘s efforts on the supply and installation of solar geysers, with the occasional solar electricity project coming up from time to time.

We were also present during the initial load shedding spate in 2008 and began supplying battery-based backup systems for small commercial and residential customers.

In 2013 we made the decision to no longer do solar geysers and to concentrate our efforts in the growing solar electricity market instead. This decision was due partly to the increased administrative load in handling ESKOM rebate documentation along with dropping profit margins, and partly because our background has always been more in the electrical engineering space and less in the area of plumbing.

As time goes on, electricity is only going to get more expensive, so the sooner that one can start optimising equipment and systems at home, the better.


We design and supply solar photovoltaic solutions for residential and commercial customers. We work with qualified 3rd party installers to get you the correct solution at the right price.


Since every Watt of power generated via the sun comes with a price tag, solar electricity is not an area where substandard equipment can be utilised. We use only industry-leading panels, controllers, batteries and inverters to ensure that every possible Watt of power is extracted from your system.