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  • Sunsynk

    The Sunsynk Hybrid Parity 
    Inverter is a highly efficient
    power management tool

    that allows a user to manage
    power coming from multiple
    sources such as solar, grid &
    generator & effectively store
    and release electric power as
    the utilities require.

  • Freedom Won Lithium Ion Batteries
  • Kodak Pylontech Lits
  • Hybrid Inverters



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    Peak power output 5kWUsable battery energy* ~5 Units (kWhr)Solar Array Size 5.2kWpAverage daily solar production* ~25 Units (kWhr)Max instantaneous power from battery only  ~5kW *Subject to many external factors * Download our solar sizing spreadsheet

    R 94,660.00 R 95,880.00
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