Warranty Claims

All the goods we sell carry a warranty that is backed by the distributor of these goods. These warranties will vary from product to product but the warranty can never afford you less rights than the Consumer Protection Act offers.

When you make a warranty claim we will apply the warranty claim process of the distributor or manufacturer that supplied those goods.

For example, if your Kodak inverter develops a fault within the warranty period, the Kodak distributor whill collect the inverter at their own expense in order to process the warrant claim.

The warranty claim process usually requires that you provide the distributor with information about your set up that they may require. This may include things like what batteries were connected to the inverter and how? Were the necessary circuit breakers present, etc. It is a good idea to photograph your set up when it is complete so that you have a record of the working solution which can be presented if required.

In general, if the item is shown to have been damaged through misuse or incorrect installation, the claim will not be approved.

If the claim is approved, the distributor will return the repaired or replaced item to you at their cost and you will not be out of pocket.

If, however the claim is not approved, you will either need to get a quote for the repair or arrange to get the item back at your own expense.

Solar Shop itself does not hold the warranties. We will merely act as a conduit to the warranty process and help with the communications between you the customer, and the distributor. The distributors decision regarding your warranty claim is therefore by default also our decision.