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Synapse Axpert VM 3kVA/2.4kW 24V Solar Inverter


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Axpert V 3KVA/2.4KW 1000W MPPT 24VDC Solar Inverter with built-in MPPT solar charge controller

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Comes equipped with a unique operational system, built-in MPPT allowing for Solar capabilities. There is an optional AC input that will allow for your battery bank to be charged by a grid/generator connection.

These units are not capable of feeding back into the grid. Perfect for a start-up system to reduce the effects of load shedding.

  • Pure Sine wave inverter
  • Battery equalization function to optimize battery performance
  • Build-in anti-dust kit for harsh environments 

Please note that this inverter's fans tend to run continuously, even under small or no load conditions. Not recommended for areas where low noise is required such as living rooms, etc.


Technical Specifications:

Rated Power: 2400W

Voltage: 230V AC

Surge Power: 6000VA

Efficiency: 90-93%

Transfer Time: 20ms for home appliances

Waveform: Pure sine wave 


Battery Voltage: 24V DC

Floating charge Voltage: 27V DC

Overcharge Protection: 32V DC

Solar Charger & AC Charger:

Max PV Array Power: 1000W

Max PV Array VOC: 102V DC

MPPT Range @ Operating Voltage: 30 ~ 80V DC

Max Solar Charger Current: 40A

Max AC Charger: 25A


Dimensions(D x W x H): 88 x 225 x 320mm

Weight: 6kgs

Communication Interface: USB / RS232 


Humidity: 5% to 95% Relative Humidity (Non-condensing

Operating temperature: -10°C to 55°C

Storage Temperature: -15°C to 60°C



questions jason on 21/03/2021

Hi, I am looking at getting this inverter: My first question is does this inverter require batteries to be baught seperately? if so what kind? Secondly what solar panel/s are required for it? Thanks


Ho Jason, you can buy two batteries (minimum) or 4 batteries (maximum) here (LINK). You can add a maximum of 1000W worth of solar panels depending on what size you what/need.

questions Eben on 18/11/2020

Can this Synapse Axpert VM 3kVA/2.4kW 24V Solar Inverter be connected in parallel with another inverter?


Hi Eben, you can't parallel this inverter.

questions Forgive  on 12/11/2020

Hi... l have 4 x 330w solar panels. Is it possible to connect them all and if yes, how do l connect them to meet the required 1000w for the inverter


Hi Forgive. Yes, you can connect all 4 by creating 2 strings of 2 panels and paralleling them together before connecting to the inverter MPPT.

questions Mike on 15/10/2020

Good day I have 2 by 380w panels. Hw do i connect them if i get this 3kva 1000w.hw abt if i want to add another 380w in future. Can you please brief on the connections


Hi Mike, we would need to know the Voc of the panels. Please let us know what these are.


Since this inverters max MPPT voltage is only 80Vdc, you will need to connect all the panels in parallel. You can connect a max of 3 anles safely.

questions Abu on 18/09/2020

Hi is this inverter Lithium ion battery compatible. Please advise. Thanks


Hi Abu. You can set the charge profile in the inverter to charge most battery types including Li-ion, but at the end of the day it will depend on which Li-ion battery it is you wish to use.

questions Amos Mashopane  on 24/08/2020

Hi does the invertor has inbuilt surge protection


Hi Amos, no it does not.

questions dex on 17/08/2020

can i connect my 4 x12 volt 100ah battery's in series to make them 24 volt that is 2 and 2 conected to 2 250 watt solar panels and grid tied at the same time


Hi Dex, you would set your batteries up as 2 sets of 2 in series and then paralleled together to achieve the required 24vdc input.

The panels have a separate input and can be connected in series.

questions Tawanda on 16/08/2020

hi Good day. can this invertor work without any Electricity main line connection? I mean if only being used with solar panels and batteries. with thanks


Hi Tawanda, yes it can.

questions Shireen on 07/08/2020

Hi. Can you connect two of these inverters together and what do you need to do so if you can?


Hi Shireen, no these inverters can't be paralleled.

questions Brian on 05/08/2020

hi can you set the maximum charging current i want to use my small 1kva generator to charge the batteries on cloudy daysbut dont want to overload the generator


Hi Brian, yes you can.

questions Strphan on 20/07/2020

Hi good day can you use this inverter without solar aray just as battery back upmand what batteries willl you recomend .So eskom charges batteries and when power goes inverter kicks in

questions marie on 20/07/2020

Hi - what is the noice emmission of the synapse 3Kw? did not see it on the spec sheet. TIA


Hi Marie, yes there is no manufacturers spec for this - I suspect because it's quite noisy in terms of the fans which blow pretty much constantly - certainly wouldn't be suitable for your lounge, it would need to be somewhere where the fan noise won't irritate.

questions Ziyaad on 11/07/2020

Hi, Will it be ok to connect X2 200amph gel batteries to this product ?


Hi Ziyaad, yes you could do that, but you will then be right at the limit of what the AC charger can offer of 25A.

questions franscoies on 05/07/2020

hi. if this inverter can take max 1000w pv array power... solar panels if they are 300w... can only produce 300w under perfect conditions... if you attach 1000w pv array setup to this... it will not get 1000w input... what will happen if you attach 1100w array to make sure it get's around 1000w.... but what will happen if the power goes over 1000w?


Hi Francois. As long as you don't exceed the MPPT voltage and current limitations (as per the spec sheet), you can put as many panels as you like on the inverter. If they produce more than 1000W, the inverter will limit the production from the panels to 1000W

questions Lukas on 17/06/2020

Hi Would I be able to charge 2 X 240ah gel batteries with this product? My system is off grid. My solar panels total 990W.


It would be very borderline. You generally need around 30A - 40A @24Vdc to charge these batteries properly.

At peak sun your panels are going to give you around 990/25 ~ 40A, the rest of the time the amps will be lower.

questions Frederick  on 27/05/2020

Can this inverter be coupled in parallel if one would like to increase capacity at a later stage.


Hi Frederick, no you cannot parallel these inverters.

questions Japie Wentzel on 12/05/2020

Could i use this inverter to connect solar panels as well as ESKOM and batteries, and automatically swicth over at night on the batteries to carry lights and other appliences and then at day charge the batteries using solar or eskom?


Hi Japie, yes, this is what it is designed to do.

questions Ismail on 20/02/2020

Does this inverter have a ups function, meaning no panels and on standby for when grid fails?


Hi Ismail. it does, yes.

questions Llywellyn Del Piccolo on 16/02/2020

Hi, what is the maximum capacity batteries I can connect if it is used only with AC charging? Is 6 x 100AH possible?


Hi Llewellyn, no the inverter has only a 25A AC charger which is only sufficient to charge two batteries properly. You would need to add solar panels if you wanted to go to 4 batteries, but you still couldn't go to 6.

questions Peter Burden on 06/09/2019

Hi Is this an MPPT model or PWM? What is the model number on the spec sheet?


Hi Peter. It has an MPPT. Spec sheet is here:

questions Brian on 14/04/2019

Hi Is the converter chargeable by electricity in case of low solar?


Hi Brian, it is, yes.

questions Sakkie on 26/03/2019

Hi Can this inverter run in the day without batteries only with the solar panels?


Hi Sakkie, no it can't. You'd have to look at the 5kVA MKS II

questions Belinda on 16/10/2018

Hi Is this the one with the 60amp built in mppt?


Hi Belinda, this unit has a 25A ac charger and a 40A solar MPPT charger. 


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