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Sunsynk 8kW Hybrid Inverter


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Sunsynk 8kW Hybrid Inverter - works with Pylontech, Hubble and others.

Wifi dongle included.

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The inverter has excellent efficiency and performs above 97%.

It is easy to install and has a clear touch screen where you can programme and read the system status. Added to the inverter is a Wi-FI port to allow the user to monitor the inverter via the internet.


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Main Features

• 120V/240V split phase, 230V single phase
• Self consumption and feed-in to the grid options
• Auto re-start while AC is recovering
• Programmable
• Compatible to mains voltage or generator power
• Overload / temperature / short circuit protection
• Supports Wi-Fi monitoring
• 3-Stage MPPT charging for optimal battery performance
• Timing adjustable for convenient and efficient operation
• On-grid, off-grid or uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
• Wifi donlge and free remote web monitoring included


  • Supplier part no: Sunsynk-8.8-K-SG01LP1.
  • Inputs:
    • PV solar
    • AC grid power
    • Batteries
    • Generator
  • Output voltage – 230V AC
  • Continuous power – 8000W
  • Start-up power – 16000W
  • Backup power – 8000W
  • DC – 48V
  • Battery charger – 190A
  • Transfer time <= 10ms
  • Battery charger adjustable for battery bank size and type
    • Can charge Lead Acid and Li-ion batteries
    • Li-ion battery charging self-adapts to BMS
  • Solar Input
    • Max power input – 8800W
    • Max V DC input – 500V DC
    • Max current input – 18A + 18A
    • MPPTs – 2
  • Multi-core processor design and advanced MPPT control
  • High reliability and response speed
  • Multiple operating modes:
    • Battery only
    • Grid-tie only
    • Hybrid
    • Off-grid
  • Additional features
    • AC couple
    • 6 stages time of use settings
    • IP65
  • Protections
    • PV input lightning protection
    • Anti-islanding
    • Insulation resistance detection
    • Residual current
    • Output short circuit
    • Output overvoltage
    • Arc detection
  • Certifications
    • NRS 097-2-1:2017, Edition 2
    • Grid Regulation: UL1741, IEEE1547, VDE-ARN4105
    • Safety Regulation: IEC62109-1&2, IEC62040-1
    • EMC: EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3, FCC 15 class B


Manufacturer Warranty Details

In order for the manufacturer warranty to be fully valid, once installed, you MUST register your inverter here:


Sunsynk Warranty (PDF)


questions Dumixs on 13/04/2022

How many A 48100 lithium batteries can Sunsynk 8kw carried


Hi Dumixs, as many as you want - the more you have, the longer it will take to recharge them.

If you're using a 0.5C battery like the Pylontech UP5000, then each battery can take 50Adc continuous charge.

Max charge from the Sunsynk is 190A, therefore it can charge nearly 4 UP5000's in 2 hours, 8 UP5000's in 4 hours, 16 UP5000's in 8 hours, etc.

questions Wiegard on 07/12/2021

Good afternoon, The Sunsynk 8kW inverter will be connected to grid. If grid power falls away anti-islanding will kick in. However the requirement of the local power supply authority in the area stipulates that once grid power is restored the inverter is only allowed to switch on grid/load output again after 20 min. Does the inverter have a timer setting where this can be set.


Hi Wiegard. Yes, this functionality is available.

questions Wiegard on 17/11/2021

I want to install 8kW Inverter/ Solar panel system (230V, single phase) to limit dependency on Eskom supply. I also want to feed back into grid. 1. However South African Renewable Power Plants Grid Code (SARPPGC) states that all systems larger than 4.6kVA must be 3phase balanced. Is there a way (settings etc in inverter) so that I can have 8kW for house but for grid feed it is limited to 4.6kVA. 2. Does the output of inverter into grid conform to NRS048 Quality of Supply


Hi Wigard

1) Yes, the export grid feed can be limited to 4.6kW. Only certain municipalities and/or grid providers have a legal framework in place for export.

See list here:

2) The relevant grid code for these inverters is NRS097. The Sunsynk has this certification  - See City of Cape Town list of approved inverters here:

questions Michael on 29/10/2021

How many Sunsync 8K invertors can I link together as my demand increases ?


Hi Michael, the maximum number of 8.8kW inverters you can parallel per phase is 3 units for 26.4kW in total.

In 3-phase systems, you can have 3 inverters per phase for at total of 9 inverters on the system.

questions Zed McGladdery on 26/09/2021

Can I add 4 more 420W panels thus 20+4=24 x420 thus 10080 watts? Can I add more storage capacity so as to store more power for weekends when I need more power in the bank?


Hi Zed, yes, you can do both, no problem.

questions Zach on 27/08/2021

The question I am raising had benn covered but I want yo please enquire further. I also currently have a Conlog BEC23 installed, want to do a grid tied installation, but do not require feedback into the grid. Will the Conlog still pose a problem in such a situation? If yes, how do you reset the grid point or is this to be resolved by Conlog? Thanks


Hi Zach, you can change the grid point in the software of the Sunsynk, so the meter is not a problem when installing this inverter.

questions Jean-Pierre Hunziker on 18/05/2021

Size and weight of Sun Sink 8 kW Hybrid Inverter


Hi Jean-Pieere, Weight (kg) 32 Size (Length x Width x Height) 670 x 420 x 233 mm

questions Andy on 06/05/2021

Will I be able to have solar panels on 2 potions of my roof facing different directions?


Hi Andy. Yes, no problem - The inverter has 2 independent MPPT's so you can use one for each roof direction.

questions A User on 04/03/2021

Can I operate the Sunsynk 8kW Hybrid Inverter without Batteries, just some panels to bring down my daily Eskom use? Please note, I do not want to back-feed into the grid at all, just reduce my KW draw from the grid. I want to slowly start building the off-grid system, and doing it this way I can hopefully recover some cost from the get go.


Hi A User, yes you can do this with no problem.

questions Willem on 23/02/2021

Max V DC input – 500V DC - Would this be per MPPT or combined?


Hi Willem, that would be per MPPT

questions Yash on 17/02/2021

Thanks for the answers. Last question, what is the difference between these inverters and the Growatt. You can get hybrid inverters such as 5kw Growatt for around 12k - so x2 thats 10kw for 24k. Much cheaper than the 8KW Suncynk inverters at 33k.


You need to compare the Growatt with the Kodak range. Sure, people call these Asxpert type inverters like the Growatt "hybrid" because they can accept a solar and electrical input, but a proper Hybrid Inverter is a combination of a backup inverter like the Growatt and a grid-tie inverter like the Solis bundled into one unit. Growatt and other "Axpert" type inverters can't back feed the grid and as such are not NRS097 certified.

Also, a whole array of other smaller differences too numerous to mention here, eg. Sunsynk has a separate generator input, Growatt has no pass-through capability, etc. etc.

questions jurie  on 09/01/2021

this system looks good for me the question i have is with this system and say 20 panels 335wats solar and batteries what else is needed?charge controllers?


Hi Jurie, just to be clear, this is just the hybrid inverter, not a complete system. You will need batteries, panels etc.

The inverter has built-in charge controllers.

Please check this link for one of our full kits:

Obviously, the whole kit doesn't need to be as big as the one in the link, but the list of items in this kit will give you an idea of the balance of system components that are typically required.

See the bottom of the kit page for the included equipment.

questions Francois on 13/12/2020

Hi, The communication cable supplied with the Lite 10/8 lithium battery is not compatible with the inverter. the cable plugs into the battery and has a usb. adapter on the other end.


Hi Francois, when we sell a Li-ion battery we arrange to send the correct cable for the inverter being used. 

questions Joan on 14/11/2020

Afternoon I am interested in this unit, but have a few questions. Are the sunsynk inverters comparable with the conlog bec23 plt meter? If not what would happen? Can you use it in conjunction with a generator? Many thanks


Hi Joan

1) Conlog meters generally do cause problems with bi-directional inverters. In the case of the Sunsynk inverter however, you can change the grid set point so that the meter is not impacted by back feeding.

2) If you are unable to move the grid set point. Most Conlog meters will simply shut off completely if they send any back feeding trying to take place.

3) Yes, you can. It has a separate generator input.

questions Heather on 14/11/2020

Hi, is this inverter compatible with a conlog bec23 plt prepaid or would it causes issues?


Hi Heather, Conlog meters generally do cause problems with bi-directional inverters. In the case of the Sunsynk inverter however, you can change the grid set point so that the meter is not impacted by back feeding.

questions Jonathan on 29/10/2020

Good day, I got a few questions: 1. Does this unit still work when there is "load shedding"? 2. Does it automatically switch between input sources? ie Panels, grid etc. 3. Is this compatible with a Conlog prepaid meter? 4. can this product be purchased with a couple of solar panels and then later on add a Lithium (new type battery) to reduce the cost of installation all at once? Thanks. 0760712503


Hi Jonathan

1. Yes, in UPS mode

2. Yes

3. Hybrid inverters generally battle with Conlog pre-paid meters - We don't recommend you buy ANY hybrid or grid-tie inverter until you either get the meter changed to another brand or engage with Conlog and see if they are able to loosen the anti-tamper restrictions on your meter for you (this is sometimes possible).

4. Yse, but we would recommend a minimum of 4 panels to get the inverter working properly.

questions Pieter Theron on 06/10/2020

Hi I do not really have a question, but maybe to help other people understand the SunSynk parity inverter better, I stumbled across this person working for SunSynk and he explains the product in detail.


Hi Pieter, thanks very much. We already have some of Sunsynk's videos on our site. You can find them here: 

Sunsynk Installation and Info Videos

FYI, the presenter, Keith Gough is actually one of the co-founders of Sunsynk.

questions Andre on 06/09/2020

Will this unit bè able to communicate with Revov batteries. Goodwe does not.


Hi Andre. You'd have to check with Revov, but at this time we think not.

questions xander on 04/09/2020

Hallo, will this 8kw inverter handle my welding machine? see link please. input amps of welder 21-32 Not doing everyday welding jobs, but sometimes jobs can be 1-2 hours long


Hi Xander, yes the inverter will handle it - the batteries are another story.

questions Andy on 19/08/2020

Will this unit communicate with shoto batteries via their bms for control of SOC? The battery has rs485 and 232


Hi Andy, at the time of writing, Shoto doesn't communicate with ANY of the popular local inverter brands (although Axpert coms has been in the pipeline for some time).

These batteries are usually setup manually by defining the charge parameters in the inverter itself. It's internal BMS will look after battery health.

questions quewin hughes on 21/07/2020

Hi Is possible to configure the inverter for a three phase application?


Hi Quewin. No, you can parallel three together to create a synchronised 3-phase solution, but each inverter is only single phase

questions Bashir hassim  on 11/07/2020

Hi can this 8kw inverter be connected in parallel 2 or 3 units to make 16kw or 24kw


Hi Bashir, yes it can.

questions Hugh on 17/05/2020

Hello, if PV yield is a bit lower than consumption at any given time, and the battery capacity is at the set threshold whereby we stop using battery capacity, is this unit able to take only the deficit from the grid? For example, if the consumption is 2000 Watt but the PV yield is only 1600W and batteries are not used will it then only take 400 watts from the grid at that point in time, or will it switch the entire load over to grid supply and draw the 2000W off the grid? Is the SUNSYNK dynamically configurable in this way?


Hi Hugh. The inverter  takes only the deficit from the grid - most modern hybrid inverters work this way and the Sunsynk is no exception.

It is programmable in terms of the battery discharge thresholds, etc.

questions Jean-Philippe on 27/04/2020

Good day Can this inverter's settings be controlled remotely? How does it handle earthing when it loses the grid and goes into backup mode? Does it bond earth and neutral as new point of supply for example? Thank you, would be appreciated


Hi Jean-Philippe. While you can monitor most of the inverter functions remotely, they can't be altered remotely. You would need to be on-site to do that. The best product on the market at the moment for remote configuring (in our opinion) is the Victron solution.

Yes, the neutral is bonded with the earth when in backup mode.

questions Johan on 10/12/2019

How many of these units have you sold? I know it is new to the market but I don't want to be a Beta tester. Would you recommend it?


Hi Johan, we have sold a decent number and had great feedback, so yes we would recommend it.

questions Johan on 10/12/2019

I see it is compatible with pylontech batteries, can you see the charge level on screen?


Hi Johan, yes to both.

questions Dustin on 26/11/2019

Does the hybrid inverter use solar first, then batteries, then mains power? is the discharge level set via the inverter?


Hi Duston. This inverter can be programmed to use power in just about any way, so the answer is yes. Also, yes, you would set the discharge level of the battery through the inverter.

questions Freddie on 09/09/2019

Hi. Is this inverter new to the SA market? How does it compare to others like Victron, goodwe?? Will 4kw PV array (12 panels) be sufficient with this inverter? Together with 3x 3.5 pylon Li-Ion for a standard 15kw usage per 24 hours.


Hi Freddie. yes, this is new to the market. It has similar functionality to the Goodwe. Yes, you can use it with a $kWp array and 3 x 3.5kWh Pylontechs.


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