Kodak VMIII Lithium Ion Solar Kit - 5kW/7.2kWh Storage/2.46kWp Solar View larger

Kodak VMIII Lithium Ion Solar Kit - 5kW/7.2kWh Storage/2.28kWp Solar


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Peak power output5kW
Usable battery energy*~6.84 Units (kWhr)
Average daily solar production*~10 Units (kWhr)
Max instantaneous power from battery only** ~3.6kW

 *Subject to many external factors **Assuming 3 x US2000 battery

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Lithium ion batteries have the advantage over traditional lead acid in that they can be cycled many times more and can be discharged deeper while maintining a decent battery life.

The Pylontech batteries in this kit are one of the best sellling lithium ion batteries in South Africa, and if you register your purchase with Pylontech, you can get a 10 year manufacturers warranty for no additional charge.

If you're serious about going solar, then lithium ion is the only way to go.

Please see the pack content below for a breakdown of the components included in this kit.

For those not overly familiar with solar power, this kit can store around 7.2kWh (Units) of electricity in the batteries.

This means that at night when there is no sun, you could watch a 300W TV for about 24 hours before the batteries went flat (300W x 24 hours = 7200Whrs = 7.2 Units of electricity)


you could run 40 x 5W LED globes for 36 hours (5W x 40 x18 hours = 7200Whrs = 7.2 Units of electricity)


a 1200W kettle for an 6 hours straight (1200W * 6 hour = 3600Whrs = 7.2 Units of electricity) *Not sure why you would do that but who knows?*


any combination of the above that adds up to 7.2 Units.

During the day, the solar panels can produce up to 2.280 kW's in full sunlight (6 x 380W = 2.040kW). Assuming 5 full "sun hours" in a day you would produce up to 10 units of electricity. The panels will first charge the batteries and after that will add whatever power they can produce to your grid, so you may be able to run off up to 100% solar power during daylight hours, depending on weather conditions. At night the batteries will discharge until the reach a defined, preset level.

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questions Johan on 05/05/2022

Good day I installed a similar system from Solar Shop in 2021. Works like a charm! I currently have 2x Pylontech US2000B batteries. Can I expand this with one US2000C ? Thanks


Hi Johan, yes, no problem. You just need to use the US2000C as the master battery.

questions Eduan on 29/03/2022

What is the best app to use on my iphone to monitor this system with? Something similar to SolarWatch on android.


Hi Eduan, there is no IOS app available for this inverter.

questions Louis on 24/11/2021

Can the the kodak inverter parallel


Hi Louis, not this model no.

The MKSIII, the King and the MAX can all parallel.

questions Darian  on 11/02/2021

I have a question about the max instantaneous power, what does that exactly mean . If i have lets say a system that needs a 5kva inverter with a potential load of roughly 4750w. will that max instant power be an issue? Kind regards


Hi Darian, it means if you have only 1 x US3000C, the max power you can draw from the inverter/battery system will be 1.7kW. This is because the US3000C is a 0.5C battery.

questions Johan on 14/01/2021

Hi, very interested in this system, but read that prepaid meters gives problems on a solar system.


Hi Johan, only with certain Conlog meters and only with inverters capable of back-feeding the grid which the VMII is not.

This system will not cause any hassles with your prepaid meter.

questions Michael on 01/12/2020

I would like to install a system which can also power the pool pump, CCTV cameras, gate motor and electric fence. Any advise?


Hi Michael, yes, you can calculate the size of the system you need by either filling out the excel spreadsheet or the online form that is available here: 


questions Willem on 12/10/2020

Could the unit be set up to use the PV power during the day and act as a a backup unit during night. If so I believe that it's possible to replace the 335w panels with 355w panels instead?


Hi Willem, yes it can do that. We have upgraded this kit to use 355Wp panels in any case. 

questions Wally on 10/10/2020

can i charge batteries from grid when when panels are not receiving enough sun ? How many amps will charging need ?


Hi Wally, yes you can. You can charge the batteries at anything up to 25A @48Vdc. The inverter will take care of it.

questions Johan on 26/09/2020

This kit includes 6 panels and your other similar kit includes 10 panels. How are these stringed for the 2 kits?


Hi Johan, if we understand your question correctly, this kit has 6 panels installed in series. The 10-panel kits have 2 parallel rows of 5 panels in series.

questions Johan on 19/09/2020

Good day What is the difference between the Kodak VM11, MKS11 and KING in terms of load combination? In other words, which one will seamlessly use all available PV power once batteries are fully loaded and then support with grid power when the load exceeds the available solar (Daytime running requirement). Or should I rather look at Hybrid? Thanks Johan


Hi John, all three will do this. Howver only on the essential load output.  At rue hybrid inverter like the Sunsynk or the Goodwe will take it a step further and distribute excess solar power to your non-essential circuits as well. If you have the budget, you should definitely go for a true hybrid inverter.

questions Jacques on 27/08/2020

Hi I did not notice a MPPT controller as part of the kit? What would be the reason for this?


Hi Jacques

These inverters have a built-in 5000W MPPT

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