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Solar Gate Motor Panel Kit (without motor)


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Solar Gate Motor Kit - Motor not included

40W panel with built-in regulator, wall bracket and battery connectors

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Our custom designed solar powered gate kit will fit almost any 12V gate motor and will ensure reliable operation in areas where grid power is not available.

Our solar panel kit connects directly to your existing 7Ah battery in your gate motor. The powerful 40W panel ensures the battery is recharged in record time when the sun is shining.

Please note:

1) The product is designed to work with or without an electrical connection to yur gate and will work just as well in either scenario.

2) The product has a built-in solar charge controller. It is not necessary to purchase a separate charge controller

3) We no longer supply a battery with this kit, as most suitable gate motors already have a battery installed.

The system comes with an easy-to-understand instruction leaflet and the panel is comes with an adjustable wall-mount bracket. Simply mount the panel in a sunny area, connect to the motor and you have a solution in mere minutes.

No problematic cables to run and bury. No fiddling with distant electricity sources and risk of shock!

*Tested on DACE and Centurion gate motors. Will work with most 12V gate motors that have a battery backup feature. If you are unsure, just drop us an email or give us a call and we will confirm with the manufacturer on your behalf.


questions John  on 16/09/2020

Will the 40w panel still charge on a cloudy and or rainy day? If not, what is the solution?


Hi John. The solar panel depends on light to work. The more light the more power it will produce. Cloud and rainy will lower it's overall production, but it will still generate some power, since there is still some light around.

questions Jacques on 28/08/2020

Hi Solar Shop Does your solar gate motor kit come with 4mm cable and connectors? Thank you


Hi Jacques. It has 5m meters of 2.5mm cable with double spade connectors on the end for connection to the battery.

questions Brian on 16/07/2020

What is the maximum cable run from panel to gate motor


Hi Brian, 20m

questions Ray Smith  on 08/01/2020

I have a Centurion D5 motor with a 9.ah battery will this work with the slightly larger capacity battery.


Hi Ray, yes it should work fine, although we haven't tested it on this battery.

questions Mike Buchholtz on 18/11/2019

Good day, I have a Centurion D5 gate opener. It opens and closes at least 40 times per day during working hours. Will this panel be enough to keep this unit powered indefinitely. We have power outages which have run 5 days long??


Hi Mike, probably not - The 7Ah battery in the gate motor is good for 15 to 20 openings per charge.

questions Lora on 10/11/2019

What are the dimensions of the solar panel?


Hi Lora. The panel dimensions are 68 x 51 x 3cm

questions Tessa on 12/10/2019

I have a Centurion D10 gate motor. It has 2 x 7aH 12V batteries - can I use this kit for each battery? If I want to upgrade the batteries to 17aH will this kit still charge them?


Hi Tessa, unfortunately the D!0 is a 24V motor and our kit only works on a 12V motor.

questions Leon on 18/07/2019

Hey, will this work on the dts elite 600 gate motor? Thank you...


Hi Leon, yes, it will.

questions Matthew on 18/07/2019

Hi, what length of cable is supplied with this kit? Thanks


Hi Matthew, it's 5m.

questions Jennifer on 19/03/2019

Will it work with a DCBlue digital gate motor?


Hi Jennifer, yes it will work with that motor. 

questions OJ on 19/03/2019

Can this system be used for my alarm system which also uses a 12V 7Ah rechargeable standard battery?


Hi OJ, yes it can be used for that

questions Letsatsi Pole on 26/02/2019

Good day Can this solar kit be connected parallel with mains so that in days where there is not enough sunlight - the motor battery can still be charged by the mains?


Hi Letsatsi. Yes you can do it that way.

questions Mzondwa Mabuyangwe on 04/02/2019

Is a COC a legal requirement for the installation?


Hi Mzondwa, no it's just a panel to charge a battery and doesn't connect to the grid at the end of the day. 

questions Jacques on 28/10/2018

Hi. I have a 12 ah Gemini unit installed. Will the unit be sufficient?


Hi there. Yes, this will work fine with our kit.

questions Denzel Marimuthu on 18/09/2018

Hi, Will this work with a D5 Evo gate motor? Will I require a regulator?


Hi Denzel, yes no problem with this motor.

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