Hoymiles Data Transfer Unit (DTU)


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Hoymiles DTU

Data Transfer & Monitoring Unit for Hoymiles Microinverters

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The DTU is the key component in Hoymiles microinverter system. It works as the 
communication  gateway, which  operates between the Hoymiles microinverters and   the 
Hoymiles Monitoring Server. The DTU communicates with microinverters wirelessly via 2.4G 
RF, collecting the operating data of the system. Meanwhile, it  can also  send control 
commands  from Hoymiles Monitoring Server  to microinverters for adjusting the operation 
state. In addition, the DTU connects  to  the Internet  and communicate with  Hoymiles 
Monitoring Server. The operating data from microinverters  will be uploaded to Hoymiles 
Monitoring Server via DTU.   
The following diagram shows the DTU in the system. 




Model DTU 
Communication to   Microinverte
Type 2.4G RF 
Sample   rate 5 minutes 
Maximum   distance (free space) 200m 
Maximum number   of inverters connected99 MI-250 or 49   MI-500 
Communication to   Router/PC 
RJ45   Ethernet 10M/100M 
Power Supply 
Type External plug-in   adapter 
Adapter input   voltage / frequency 100 to 240 V AC / 50   or 60Hz 
Adapter output   voltage / current 5V / 0.8A 
Power   consumption 2.5W typical, 5W   maximum 
Mechanical Data 
Ambient   temperature range (℃) -20°C to 55°C 
Dimensions   (W×H×D) 149mm×90mm×31mm 
Weight   0.22kg 
Mounting   system   Wall mounting 
Display   16 Characters x 2   lines LCD 
Standard EC60950 IEC61000-6-2   FCC Part15 Class B / Class C   
Standard   warranty 2 years 

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  • Asked by Charles
    on 03/04/2019
    Hi, The hoymiles DTU is what model: Is it an DTU-MI-NL-HM Does it game with the CT and transmitter.Regards Charles Answer:
    Hi Charles. It is the new one with export limiting built-in Data Transfer Unit (DTU) - FBIADTUEL. However, you would still need to but the CT and transmitter separately. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Ewert Bellingan
    on 07/05/2019
    Does this allow for limiting the feedback power from the micro-inverters back into the grid? Answer:
    Hi Ewert, it does , yes.
  • Asked by Ewert
    on 03/07/2019
    Hi. Can this (with the micro inverters and energy meter) be used as part of a Victron Multiplus II AC-coupled (critical load side) zero grid feed-in ESS system? Everything I read on the Victron stuff says it's only possible using Fronius grid-tie inverters. Answer:
    Hi Ewert, no you can't use these for this purpose. You can use an inverter that supports frequency shift power control, but only the Fronius has a direct data link with the Victron for this purpose.
  • Asked by Ewert Bellingan
    on 31/07/2019
    Hi. Will this transmitter work with the Hoymiles DTU? https://za.rs-online.com/web/p/digital-power-meters/8718302/ Answer:
    Hi Ewert. If you mean in terms of export limitation then no, we doubt it.
  • Asked by Frans
    on 15/08/2019
    What CT and transmitter is required for this to block grid exporting? Kind regards Answer:
    Hi Frans, you will need to use this meter in conjunction with the DTU to prevent grid export : https://www.solar-shop.co.za/meters/285-hoymiles-single-phase-consumption-meter.html


Hoymiles DTU-A

Hoymile Data Transfer Unit

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