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Single Phase 600W Microinverter

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The World’s First Daisy-Chain 2 in 1 Microinverter for large scale commercial application is designed for dual solar panels with double MPPTs, and wide DC input operating voltage range (16-60V) and low start-up voltage (22V only).Hoymiles 2 in 1 microinverter MI-500/MI-600/MI-700 is the world’s most powerful microinverter solution for dual solar panels with CEC weighted efficiency as high as 96.5% (world’s No.1 for 2 in 1 unit in 2015); with quicker installation and much higher power density compared with single unit, it’s also one of the best-selling microinverters for Hoymiles up to now worldwide.

  • Safer
    Up to 60V DC input voltage (natural rapid shutdown) to guarantee no electric shock & fire risk on rooftop
  • Stronger
    Module-level MPPT to ensure 10-30% more energy harvest compared with string inverter
  • Smarter
    Module-lever monitoring for remote troubleshooting & maintenance management
  • Smaller, Lighter & Easier
    Smaller than A4 paper size, 3kG only with AC cable (1.9 m) integrated, one person’s easy installation
  • More stable & reliable
    6000V surge protection, MTBF (mean time between failure) > 550years, yearly failure rate < 0.18%
  • Better Payback (IRR)
    Module-level solution, extremely low failure, longer generation (start-up voltage 22V only), low LCOE (Levelized Cost of Electricity) for long period 
    (20+ year) of investment


Data of 2 in 1 microinverter for 60V

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  • Asked by Bert Roefs
    on 11/11/2018
    Is this the 'MI-500-EU' or 'MI-500-NA'? Answer:
    Hi Bert, this is the MI-600-EU. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Mark Fernsby
    on 12/11/2018
    Dear Sir / Madam, I see that your Hoymiles micro-inverter spec sheets make reference to the MI-700 model (700 watt output). Do you stock and sell this model? Kind regards Mark Fernsby Answer:
    Hi Mark. No, unfortunately that model is not sold in South Africa. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Bert
    on 24/11/2018
    Can you get hold of 500W version as well? Answer:
    Hi Bert, no this is the only model available. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Danie
    on 09/01/2019
    Hi.I have a couple of questions: 1. Does this microinverter feed back to the grid? and is it allowed in Centurion to feed back into the grid? 2. Will it continue to power loads when the grid is down? (Assuming the sun is shining / and that the load is not more than what the unit can handle) 3. Assuming a battery backup system with a seperate hybrid inverter is installed, will this microinverter 'grid' assist in powering the load?Thank you. Answer:
    Hi Danie 1) Yes, it does. You need to have municipal permission to feedback. You could also but the control unit which can be set to prevent feedback 2) No, it will shut down completely. It needs the grid voltage and phase, etc to sync its output to - it is also a legal requirement that it shuts down to prevent possible injury to workers on the main grid. 3) It will assist only in the sense that the grid tied power will be available across your entire DB board. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Kevin
    on 22/02/2019
    Hi...is this a normal grid tie inverter. I'm asking because the words used in the description is different then with others. Is it easy to get municipal permission, is it the same for adding a generator to the grid? Can a battery bank be used to increase feed back hours, example, i get a theoratical 500wph on a sunny day, house is using 300wph. Can that extra 200w be channeled to a battery bank to "power" the inverter after sunlight? Thanks Answer:
    Hi Kevin, yes this is a pure grid tie inverter albeit a small one. How easy it is to get permission would depend on the municipality we suppose. Since it's a grid tie inverter you can't use batteries with it. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Kevin
    on 22/02/2019
    Hi Another question. Can i plug it into a normal plug like other Chinese grid tie inverters. Is it water resistant? Answer:
    Hi , we certainly wouldn't recommend it. The correct and legal way to install it is to have an electrician connect the output to your DB via a suitably sized circuit breaker. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Charles
    on 03/04/2019
    Hi, Do you sell the Mi 1200watt unit as well.If you do what is the price.Regards Charles Answer:
    Hi Charles, no unfortunately not. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Grant
    on 26/04/2019
    Hi I have a 3 phase system currently with one Axpert per phase paralleled. is it possible to add one off these micro inverters to one off my phases to help boost power? and if possible can i prevent feedback to grid/axpert? Answer:
    Hi Grant, you can add this yes. To prevent feedback you would need to also purchase the ECU controller available on this site.
  • Asked by Andre
    on 27/04/2019
    how do i connect the solar output to the distribution board, how does the system know when my income supply is of and when not and does it work with the income supply or does it only work when income supply is off. What i want to know is how does my household loads choose between solar and normal power if it is all connected at the same point in the db ??thank you Answer:
    Hi Andre. The system only works when your incoming supply is on. The inverter syncs it's output voltage and frequency to this supply and then ensures it's voltage is a little higher so that power floes first from what is available on the grid tie inverter.
  • Asked by Andries
    on 08/05/2019
    Is there a hybrid inverter on the market that can take the power feed from your microInverters and feed that into a batteryackup system. Therefore converting the gridtied system to a hybrid one? Answer:
    Hi Andries. We have a range of hybrid inverters that perform this functionality. You can find them here: https://www.solar-shop.co.za/41-hybrid-inverters

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