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Solis 4.6kW 4G Dual MPPT Solar Grid Tie Inverter


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Single Phase 4.6kW Grid Tie Inverter

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Rating: 4.600W

Phases: 1

Solis 4G

Easy installation: Integrate with export power control function and DRM function.

Max. Efficiency over 97.8% MPPT efficiency over 99.5%

Ultra wide input voltage range

Dual MPPT design with precise MPPT algorithm

Compact and light design for one-person easy installation

IP65 visually pleasing for domestic environment

RS 485WiFi/GPRS(optional)interface

Numerous protection functions

WiFi and monitoring app available

High switching frequency design to be more reliable and efficient.

Ultra low harmonic THDi<1.5%

Export Limitation built in - Requires CT clamp (sold separately)

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  • Asked by Gary
    on 15/11/2017
    Hi What is the warranty on this unit ? Can you feed back into the grid ? Do you keep stock ? Do you need the CT item ? What other assesories are available ? Do you have an outlet in Durban ? Answer:
    Hi GaryWarranty is 5 years manufacturers warranty You can feed back into the grid subject to your particular municipality rules & regulations. We do currently have stock The CT item is to prevent feedback into the grid in areas where this is prohibited or id you do not wish to do so. There is a Wi-Fi add-on that allows free monitoring of the system via a website or phone app. We are an online only shop - we don't have physical outlets.I will email you the data sheet for the machine.Regards Blake
  • Asked by Carel
    on 29/11/2017
    Hi. Lets say your requirement is 8kw, would this grid tie take 4.6kw from solar and combine it with 3.4kw from grid?Or would it realise it can't aupply the full 8kw, then switch of, and allow the grid to supply the 8kw?Thank you Carel Answer:
    Hi CarelThe inverter will supply what it can and the shortfall will be supplied by the grid. It won't shut down due to large loads.Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Michiel Heyns
    on 09/01/2018
    Can I connect three air conditioners consuming 3 x 1 = 3 kW to this unit? We need to reduce our electricity consumption due to capacity limitations and want to install three air conditioners on the grid-tie system without batteries. Answer:
    Hi Michiel. The inverter is indifferent to what you have connected to your household grid. It will produce electricity only when the sun is shining. How much it produces depends on how many solar panels are attached to it and how bright the day is. It then feeds everything it can produce onto your existing household grid. This has the affect of reducing the requirement from the municipal grid. For example, if you had 4kW of panels connected to the inverter and they were in full sunshine, they would produce close to 4kW of power, which would mean that you would need to pull 4kW's less from your electricity supplier. At night however, the inverter would contribute nothing. Please email or call us if you need more info. Regards, Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Johan Belling
    on 07/05/2018
    Good dayWhat is the max dc voltage that can be connected to the inverter generated by the photovoltaic panels. Will this be full load voltage or open circuit voltage.Thanks Johan. Answer:
    Hi Johan, you can connect up to 600Vdc. The MPPT's operate between 100 - 500Vdc Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Johan Belling
    on 07/05/2018
    Good dayCan two or more of these inverters be connected in parrallel?Thanks Johan Answer:
    Hi Johan, they can, yes. Regards Solar Shop Support