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ES Series Hybrid Inverter 5.0kW Grid-tied Power / 4.6kW Essential Loads AC Power

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GoodWe ES series Full Hybrid inverter is best suited to grid-connected PV systems: for enhancing self-consumption and providing 4.6kW backup power to essential loads in the event of loss of grid. It can control the flow of energy intelligently.

  • Both MPPT charge controller and inverter are fully integrated
  • Intelligent battery management function
  • Capable of being grid-interactive or grid-independent
  • Compatible with various Lead-acid and Li-Ion battery types.
  • IP65 dust-proof and water-proof rating
  • 45°C full-load output
  • Monitoring of inverters is free via computers or mobile phones and extremely easy to use
  • Fanless, low-noise design


questions Ryan Bowler on 08/09/2020

Hi there In the event of an extended power outage that exceeds the capacity of any batteries connected to the inverter, are you able to provide backup power to this inverter via a generator with AVR if plugged in to the main db board by crossover switch. If so, assume this will then run the house and charge the batteries with any spare capacity? Tx


Hi Ryan, you cannot use a generator with this inverter since it is grid-tied and doesn't have an auxiliary input for this purpose.

The Sunsynk will probably be a better choice for this scenario as it has a dedicated generator port.

questions Timothy on 07/09/2020

Hi. Can three GoodWe ES inverters (with separate batteries and panels) be used together to support a 3 phase system, or would you recommend an alternative hybrid inverter solution? Thanks.


Hi Timothy, no they can't, but this can:

The Sunsynk can be paralleled both in 3 phase and single phase configurations. The Sunsynk is also available in an 8kW version.

questions Reyn on 24/07/2020

Hi! I bought a Goodwe ES 4.6kw from you earlier this year. I am extremely happy with it so far. Unfortunately my body corporate's electrical provider has asked me for "Letter or certification that electricity will not be exported on the grid when the grid has no electricity". My installer hasn't come back to me, does it export electricity when then grid is down ? How do I proof that ? Thanks!


Hi Reyn. It's NRS097 certified which means it adheres to the SA grid code standard which doesn't allow the unit to export under grid fail conditions.

You can download a copy of the certificate here:

questions Garry Radford on 29/05/2020

Hello have the MPPT s build in fuse and surge protection ?


Hi Garry. no they don't. While you don't need fuses since all panels are in series on each mppt, you will need to add surge protection suitable for your area.

You can see some of our surge protection boxes we available here:

questions Hylton Cannon on 10/04/2020

I have a back up system with solar panels and 4 x 240AH AGM/Gel Omnipower batteries. I want to buy a new Goodwe ES 4.6kw hybred inverter, can these batteries work on the Goodwe??


Hi Hylton, in theory yes, but Goodwe do not recommend the use of these batteries. This inverter is designed specifically for Lithium Ion batteries like Pylontech.

questions Subash on 08/04/2020

On the Goodwe ES 4.6kW (GW4048D-ES) inverter which has a Voltage Range of 125-550V. Can you connect 15 x LG 375W Mono X plus (MPP Voltage Vmpp 34.9V and Maximum Power Pmax 345W), panels in series to one of the PV strings and another 15 x panels of the same specifications to the second PV string?


Hi Subash

Maximum DC input power is 6500W therefore you could only use a max of 8, maybe 9 panels on each input.

questions William Stucke on 02/02/2020

Is it possible to: 1) Connect multiple Goodwe ES 4.6kW inverters in parallel in increase capacity? 2) Run it in Hybrid Mode. Draw excess power from the grid, but still operate during load shedding, without supplying back to the grid?


Hi William
1) No, they can't parallel. You would need to use the larger Sunsynk if you want to parallel:
2) Yes, this is what it is designed to do.

questions Hein on 15/01/2020

I see PV start voltage = 150V and MPPT voltage range 125~550V. Suppose I put 6 x JA Solar 315W Mono panels (Vmp=33.16) in series. This gives ~199V. Is this sufficient to power the inverter under most conditions? What happens to panel voltage when clouds appear?


Hi Hein. Yes, 5 or 6 of these panels will work fine. Voltage on the panels will remain high until the current is very low and then will drop away rapidly.

The voltage vs the current under various light conditions are published on any decent panels data sheet.

questions Timothy on 18/11/2019

Hi. I am considering using one of the Goodwe ES 4.6kW inverters with 2 x Pylon US3000 batteries, though I saw on other posts that there may be a problem using the full capabilities of the comms functionality. Has this been solved? Will the Goodwe communicate with the US3000 batteries? Thanks.


Hi Timothy.
There is nothing to be solved. The other posts don't refer to the Goodwe inverter, rather to the Voltronics inverters which is a different story. The Goodwe inverter was literally made with Pylontech batteries in mind and the Pylontech US3000 batteries are a perfect match. Both have full coms with each other out of the box!

questions Fanie on 23/07/2019

The Goodwe ES 4.6, when you have pre-paid meter I heard that the unit might give feedback to prepaid meter sometimes which causes to lower prepaid units? If how can this be prevented? Is the backup service good? part etc Will it work with Blue Nova 3kwh lithium-ion battery? Is this unit value for money versus Victron?


Hi Fanie. The unit comes with its own meter to prevent this happening. Some Conlog meters still give problems however so please check with us on your meter make. The inverter is well supported by the distributor and is an extremely popular seller. Blue Novas batteries are currently not supported. It works well with Pylontech, BYD and Alpha ESS batteries. Yes, it is value for money since with the Victron you will need to buy big MPPT's and a colour control to achieve the same functionality. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss further.

questions Ridwaan on 10/07/2019

Hi, We have the Goodwe ES 4,6KW Hybrid Inverter with 4 X Pylon US2000B batteries. We wish to add more Pylon batteries but they say this inverter cannot handle more batteries and we need to purchase a control unit and add more solar panels. How many solar panels can this inverter take? Also, can we add more batteries without purchasing control unit and more panels? Thank you


Hi Ridwaan, you can put 10kW of panels on if you want, but the inverter will never produce more than 4.6KW on the ac output. You need the control unit to do more batteries than 6.

questions Wouter Styger on 07/06/2019

I am looking at buying 2x Axpert MKS II 5K inverters. I have 3x questions 1. What is the minimum size Pylon battery bank I need to install? (2.4kWh or 4.8kWh? I am planning on adding more batteries later on) 2. Lyndon Ownhouse asked the question of what happens in a situation where they may be a temporary draw of 7kw for 10 minutes - will it be able to supply this requirement from the grid? If I had 1x 5kVA inverter, wouldn't the inverter switch over to bypass and draw all the power from the grid? 3. You replied to Greg Lee Sun that the Axpert MKS II can supplement load from the grid when there isn't enough solar power. Please reconfirm as this would be the reason I opt to get these units. Up to what power draw would you get this "supplement" load when using 2x MK II 5K inverters?


Hi Wouter
In answer to your questions:
1) Each 2.4kW battery can only supply. 25A @ 50V = 1.2kW so you would need 4 batteries to pull a full 5kw
2) The inverter will shut down in this situation. It can only supply 4.6kW max, with a small margin for 20 second surges.
3) It will supplement up to the 4.6kW limit.

questions Jason Varney on 02/06/2019

Hi, during peak solar generation can I draw more than 4.6kW and charge the batteries (4x3.5kWh Pylons), eg. run the kettle, dishwasher and washing machine while it's charging the batteries around 10 am to 3 pm, will it supplement from the grid if it can't cope?

Hi Jason
No, it won't, it will shut down completely.

questions Lyndon Ownhouse on 05/05/2019

What is the maximum load the inverter can output? What happens in a situation where they may be a temporary draw of 7kw for 10 minutes - will it be able to supply this requirement from the grid?


Hi Lyndon.
Max output is 4.6kW. It can spike to 6,900VA for 10 seconds, so nowhere near 7kW for 10 minutes.

questions Adrian on 23/04/2019

Hi, I currently have 24 x 240w panels and 6 x 2.4KW Pylontech Li-ion batteries. I had 2 x 5KVA Axpert inverters. The inverters blew and now I need to replace them. Could I install 1 x 4.6KW hybrid inverter?


Hi Adrian. Yes, you can do this.

questions Guest on 01/04/2019

How does this inverter and PV work with the battery if needed for daily day and night use? What load will it support nightly? Critical or all? Can this be set, if so is this done by the battery setting or the inverter setting?


Hi, the battery will hold up the back up loads (subject to it's own capacity). There are several modes of operation, the default one allows the battery to discharge nightly to a defined DOD.

questions Mo on 11/03/2019

Can I use the inverter with grid power and battery only and no panels?


Hi Mo, yes you can use it in this way.

questions Ivan on 03/03/2019

Can the Goodwe es hybrid inverter also be connected to solar panels? I would like to have electricity during power outages and at night as well as use solar power during the day. Exactly what would I require to begin a start-up system to which I can build on each year? Greg


Hi Ivan. The Goodwe inverter is designed to work with Pylontech Li-ion batteries and will take 5-6kW of solar panels. You need to start with the inverter and at least one battery and around 6 solar panels.

questions Greg Lee Sun on 17/01/2019

Hi There Does this inverter use all the solar panels generation first and get supplemented by the grid when the load exceeds the solar generation or does it change over to grid completely like the axpert 5048 MKS? Regards Greg


Hi Greg. The first part. It supplements from the grid when there isn't enough solar power. Also, the Axpert MKS II works in the same way. See this screen shot of the inverter powering a kettle with some solar power and the rest grid (also note that there are no batteries connected.


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