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Alpha-ESS Smile B3 Energy Storage system with built-in battery


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  • Rated Power:3,000 W
  • Battery Type:Lithium Ion
  • Depth of discharge:96.00 %
  • Voltage:48 V
  • Maximum Charge Rate:2865 W
  • Maximum Discharge Rate:2865 W
  • The Alpha ESS 3kW AC Coupled Inverter with Integrated 2.9kWh Li-Ion Battery comes with 5 Year Inverter Warranty and 10 Year Battery Warranty.

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The Alpha ESS Smile B3 3kW AC Coupled Inverter with 2.9kWh Li-Ion Battery is an AC coupled all-in-one battery energy storage system (3kW/2.9kWh) suitable for both new and retrofit installations.

The 2.9kWh Storage capacity can be further increased up to 17.4kWh, by adding additional up to 5x Alpha ESS expansion battery modules.


It can help to achieve the optimal usage of renewable energy and can control the bi-directional flow of electric power, work under auto/manual & time-of-use (TOU) modes and charge/discharge the battery as per homeowners setting.

Market leading quality, without the corresponding price tag, the Alpha SMILE B3 offers cloud monitoring, modular format for expansion at a later date, 96% DoD, superb performance and long life-span.

This storage unit comes supplied with 2x CTs for monitoring Production and Consumption. The CTs come with 10m cables, please bear that in mind when planning your installation and if that length is not sufficient please, purchase additional Acrel Energy Meter ALPH-ACR10R.


  • Innovative lithium-ion battery technology
  • Service life of up to 20 years
  • Cycle stability at high currents
  • Quick charging capability: fully charged in one hour
  • Efficient operation through active temperature control
  • Safety-tested technology in accordance with the latest standards
  • Integrated multi-level security concept
    • Deep discharge protection, overcharge protection
    • Voltage and temperature monitoring
    • Charge balancing between cells (passive balancing)
    • Determination of the state of charge and state of health (SOC and SOH)
  • UN test 38.3
  • European Conformity (CE)
  • Scalable up to 5 modules
  • PLEASE NOTE: As per Alpha ESS Warranty document “It is required that all systems to have internet connection for monitoring. For those systems that are not connected to the internet the warranty is then reduced to 3 years. “
  • In order to connect the storage system to Alpha ESS monitoring portal, an installer ‘License Number’ is required. Please contact us or Alpha ESS for details on how to obtain Alpha ‘License Number’.  


questions Shaun on 15/03/2022

Good day. Does this inverter/battery combination offer any kind of monitoring via MQTT or even SNMP? Even email notifications failing that. Thanks


Hi Shaun. The B3 has a built-in Ethernet port and can be plugged into your router (or even a Wi-Fi extender if need be) to take advantage of Alpha ESS's free web or app-based monitoring service.

questions Vernon Reid on 10/03/2022

Is the smile B3 a pure sine inverter?


Hi Vernon, yes it is.

questions elma on 11/02/2022

wouls this kit or your kodak 48v kit lend itself to later link to solar panel


Hi Elma, the Alpha B3 does not have built in solar capabilities, whereas the Kodak inverter does.

questions Marvin on 15/04/2021

Can this system be integrated with solar panels, etc. Is it solar ready?


Hi Marvin. No, however you can AC couple a grid-tie inverter to its output should you want to add solar to this unit.

questions Sagren on 21/01/2021

How many item can powered up with this system and for how long before needing a recharge If you want to add on capacity , do they fit into the existing unit


Hi Sagren, it can run a load of 1000W for 3 hours, or a load of 3000w for 1 hour and anything in between.. The number of items depending entirely on how much power they draw.

For example, a light may be 5W but a kettle is usually around 2000W.

questions Danie on 18/01/2021

Can the Alpha-ESS Smile B3 Energy Storage system with built-in battery be supplied by a generator when Eskom is unavailable for extended periods?


Hi Danie. No, unfortunately, this product is not suitable for use with a generator input.

questions Shawn on 04/10/2020

Hi, can the Alpha B3 system be paralelled with an Alpha smile5 system?


Hi Shawn. No, unfortunately not.

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