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Our custom designed solar powered gate kit will fit almost any gate motor and will ensure reliable operation in areas where grid power is not available.

Our solar panel kit comes with a 7Ah battery that ensures power for days on end during rainy overcast periods and the powerful 30W panel ensures the battery is recharged in record time when the sun is shining.

The system comes with an easy-to-understand instruction booklet and the panel is available with either an adjustable wall-mount or pole-mount bracket. Simply mount the panel in a sunny area, connect to the motor and you have a solution in mere minutes.

No problematic cables to run and bury. No fiddling with distant electricity sources and risk of shock!

*Tested on DACE and Centurion gate motors. Will work with most gate motors that have a battery backup feature. If you are unsure, just drop us an email or give us a call and we will confirm with the manufacturer on your behalf.

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  • Asked by Johann
    on 27/11/2017
    I am looking for a solar gate intercom system. Gate is 50m max from the house. Answer:
    Hi JohannUnfortunately, we don't currently have a solution for that.Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by joey
    on 17/12/2017
    hi can this work on the garage door as well,thanksjoey Answer:
    In theory yes, As long as you door is equipped with a backup battery. In practice, it hasn't been tested on this application. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Sihle Mthethwa
    on 30/12/2017
    Hi, can this be used to power up an alarm system? Answer:
    I guess it would work pretty well for that, but we haven't tested it for that. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Tobias
    on 24/01/2018
    Can this be used in conjunction with the mains? I.e. as a backup in case of a power failure? Answer:
    Hi Nolan. Yes, it parallels onto the battery and will work as backup. Your gate motor must have a 12Vdc input however. Regards Solar Shop
  • Asked by Hendrik
    on 06/02/2018
    Good daySo this is sutable for the centurion range gate motors ? Answer:
    Hi Hendrik. Yes, we have tested this kit with Centurion Gate Motors. If you wan to be exact sure, just let us know the exact model and we will verify for you. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Rudolph Heymans
    on 13/02/2018
    Hi, I will be using a D5 Centurion gate motor for operating a gate motor where game is walking and it is possible to get out if the gate is faulty or open. The gate is rather busy at day time but not too busy at night. I need a system that will be able to work the gate motor and a gsm unit to open and close the gate. Then I would really like to add a LED flood light 12v for light over the motor, something like a 3w or 5w. What can you offer me that will not make me struggle, I really don't like struggling. Answer:
    Hi Rudolph. We will send you a quote for a bigger panel and battery to the email address provided. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Gert
    on 08/04/2018
    Hi, is your system comparible with the Centurion D5 Evo which do have a battery backup? Answer:
    Hi Gert, yes people have used it with this system before. You just need to connect the kit cables to the battery terminal and you're good to go. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by ger
    on 18/04/2018
    How do you connect the solar kit to a Centurion D5 evo gate motor? Answer:
    Hi there, you simply connect our supplied cable to the terminals of the battery which is housed in the gate motor. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Rita
    on 01/05/2018
    Hi. Will the system be able to power the d10 centurion gate motor? I have a double sized gate.Thanks. Rita Answer:
    Hi Rita. No, unfortunately this kit won't work on this gate motor. Out kit is designed to work on 12Vdc and this motor is 24Vdc. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Rita Van Kraayenburg
    on 01/05/2018
    Hi thanks for the info re D10 not suitable for the std solar kit. Do you have an alternative solution to offer, perhaps? Thanks in advance! Rita Answer:
    Hi Rita, unfortunately we don't, other than changing the entire gate motor Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Ashley
    on 10/05/2018
    Hi I want to automate my garage door, I have a e.t motor but there is no electricity to the garage, would your solar panel kit help, please advise. Do you install. I am in Table View, Cape Town. Kind regards Ashley Engelbrecht Answer:
    Hi Ashley, unfortunately the ET motors are 24V systems, whereas we only have 12V solutions. Ours work mainly with Dace and Centurion motors. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Andre
    on 17/05/2018
    When do you expect to have stock on the solar gate motor kits? I would like to order one, but do not want to pay and wait for months. Answer:
    Hi Andre. Funny you should ask, we just got some in. They're in stock now. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Andre
    on 17/05/2018
    Is the system compatible with Gemini gate motors? Answer:
    Hi Andre, yes but only with the Gemini 7Ah DC slider and the Gemini 12Ah DC slider. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Rehaez
    on 11/06/2018
    Good morning. I need to move my existing d5 centurion motor away from house mains. I would also like a small light above my gate motor run off the same battery. What can you suggest and please send me quotation for this. Answer:
    Hi Rehaez. This kit will work with the D5. We would suggest getting an additional kit to run the light. The battery on this kit would run a 10W LED floodlight for up to 8 hours, although you would have to find somewhere to house the 2nd battery, since the first battery goes in the gate motor itself.. The kits are currently R1190 inc VAT. If you get 2 kits, delivery is free, otherwise it is R60. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Sonwabo
    on 17/06/2018
    I want a dollar kit or panel for a D5 centurion gate motor and price and postage please. I am in East London. Tx. Answer:
    Hi Sonwabo, we have sent you a quote. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Gavin Van Wyk
    on 18/06/2018
    my gate motor is a D10 and a 24 volt system. Can you provide a solution/system Answer:
    Hi Gavin. Unfortunately we only have solutions for 12V systems at the moment. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Mike
    on 25/06/2018
    Can I connect a light to the same panel used for the gate motor? Answer:
    Hi Mike. In theory you could connect a 12V light to it, but obviously the battery life during the night would depend on the power rating of the light and hours of operation. Regards Solar Shop Support.
  • Asked by a guest
    on 19/07/2018
    I am staying in a complex with 13 units. We have a Centurion D5 gate running from a 12V battery being charged from AC. Will this assist in the event of power outages to charge the battery? How do I go about connecting this to the battery where it is also to be charged from AC, i.e. only using this as an automated backup facility?How many gate openings does it cater for approximately on a full charge battery? Answer:
    Hi there. It will certainly help, yes. Connecting is simply directly onto the battery. Number of opens, without the aid of the solar panel or electricity depends on the weight of the gate, the rolling friction (or pull force applied), the length of the gate and the size of the battery. As a rough guide a typical gate of approximately 4-5 metres, on round rail with good quality wheel bearings, using a 7A/H battery, will open and close approximately 15 times. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Arno
    on 24/07/2018
    Hi there. Compatibility with a DC blue advance garage door motor? Answer:
    Hi Arno. Unfortunately it won't work on this motor since it is a 24Vdc motor, whereas our solution is 12Vdc. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Nico
    on 13/08/2018
    Hi Guys, so if I use this solar kit then I do not need to connect the centurion D5 to 230V AC at all? can it run from this kit only? Answer:
    Hi Nico, yes that is correct. The gate will run off solar and batteries only. No ac required. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Samuel
    on 14/08/2018
    Can a panel and inverter be used to power a pump without any battery. (Only during the day of course) Answer:
    Hi Samuel, solar water pumping using this principle is very common. Unfortunately we don't supply this type of solution at this time. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Marius van Heerden
    on 17/08/2018
    I have a DTS 512 gate motor. it consists of a 12v dc motor(85zy12-110) , From the Linexmotor company. Will this be able to work on your solar gate motor kit? I also want to use a cell phone open and close system . Please advice as per my mail Answer:
    Hi Marius. We haven't tested it on your brand, however the kit will work with any 12V motor with a battery. The cell phone issue is not something that we can address. Regards Solar Shop Support