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Microinverter Grid-tie Kit

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DIY Solar Micro-inverters

Micro-inverters offer a cost-effective way to start producing solar power. These systems generally consist of a small grid tie inverter that connects directly to a single solar panel and produces AC power on it

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  • Asked by Dharmesh
    on 14/11/2017
    Hi I wanted to know if the YC500i has a grid tie limiter built into it. I have a pre paid meter and want to prevent the feedback of power back onto the grid. I have heard that the prepaid meters in South Africa charge you for power flowing into your home and flowing back onto the grid. Answer:
    Hi DharmeshUnfortunately, the YC500i does not have any grid tie limitation built into it. Having said that, since the max power on a single 500i is 500W, as long as your household grid has a base load of 500W or more, it won't be a problem.If you want to go bigger, then yes, you would have to limit export. In this case, I would suggest checking out the smaller Solis inverters which have grid tie limiting. built-in (you just need to buy the current clamp that plugs into it.)Please don't hesitate to give me a call on 082 880 7102 if you have more questionsRegards Blake
  • Asked by Chris
    on 08/01/2018
    Hi, I would like to know how many panels I would need to run a household of 4? We currently use roughly 800kWh per month, which includes 2 geysers and a pool pump. Answer:
    Hi Chris, depending on where you live, you'd need around 18 - 20 panels. In this case a central inverter is far more cost effective. We have sent you a quote via your email address for an entire system so you can get an idea of costs involved. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Rajen
    on 11/01/2018
    Hi, I would like to know what I will need to run a grid tie solar system to power a household as we use around 10kw per 24hrs and the cost of these items. We have gas hobs and a solar geyser - thanks Answer:
    Hi Rajen. We've sent you a budgetary quote & information via your email address provided. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Anton
    on 12/01/2018
    Hello Can you please provide me with a bit more info regarding this specific offer. What is the max. output of this 'micro inverter'? And, how much kWh would this system generally generate, let's say in 10hours of sunlight? Does this micro inverter work on the same principle as hybrid inverters, in other words, connected to the main power and then feed into the system and eskom takes over again as soon as the sun sets? Answer:
    Hi Anton. Max output of this inverter is 500W. The kWh generated will depend on where in the country you are and what panels are connected. Typically throughout SA you can work on 5 "sun" hours per day on average in a year, so if you had 2 x 275Wp panels connected and they were correctly positioned, with no shading, you would be looking at around 2,7kWh per day. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by eugene
    on 01/03/2018
    technical specifications of IE03 kit if I have a 3 phase supply can I connect 3 of these kits (a kit per phase) Answer:
    Hi Eugene, in theory yes, although we've never seen them used like that. It will be more economical to by the 3-phase version. https://www.solar-shop.co.za/micro-inverters/43-Microinverter-5-0712885416912.htmlRegards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by kennedy
    on 05/03/2018
    Hi, does this micro-inverters used batteries and how many panels can it run? Answer:
    Hi Kennedy. No micro-inverters don't use batteries. This micro-inverter can take up to 600W of panels. Regards Solar shop Support
  • Asked by Oliver Hart
    on 05/04/2018
    What happens if the mains supply is cut or your earth leakage trips ? Where does the solar generated power go then ? Will it damage the panels or microinverters? Possibly a geyser is in the circuit drawing 3000W ? Many thanks, Oliver. Answer:
    Hi Oliver, grid-tie inverters are designed to shut down in the event of power failure (in fact this is a legal requirement). This technology is no good for backup power, only to supplement the grid supplied electricity. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Walter
    on 02/05/2018
    Hi, I have 28 x 250 w solar panels, what would be the cost of the micro inverter be. Please send Quote for supply only.Regards Walter Answer:
    Hi Walter, we have sent you a quote. Regards Solar Shop Support