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Microinverter Grid-tie Kit


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Microinverter Grid-tie Kit

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DIY Solar Micro-inverters

Micro-inverters offer a cost-effective way to start producing solar power. These systems generally consist of a small grid tie inverter that connects directly to a single solar panel and produces AC power on it‘s output. The unit is intelligent enough to produce the power at the exact voltage and phase of your existing grid power. The end result is that your home consumes all the solar power your system can produce and only after this do you begin using your municipal supply.

You can begin with a single micro-inverter and panel combination and can add as many of these systems to your grid as you like and at any time. They are totally scalable, so you can start with a mere 500W worth of panels and over time build your system up to a significant 5kW system capable of running your entire household!

Our flagship microinverter, the bestselling MI-600 microinverter handles two PV modules simultaneously with dual MPPT.

  • Maximum Power Output: 600W (from two solar modules)
  • Individual MPPT for each panel
  • Peak Efficiency: 96.7%
  • Dimensions: 220mm x 170mm x 28mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Up to 14 solar modules (7x MI-600s) in a string with a 20A breaker
  • 10 and 25 year warranties available

The kit includes:


○ MI-600 micro-inverter
○ 2 x 270W Tier 1 solar modules
○ 8 x Powarsnap clips
○ 4m Solarsrut bracket
○ Handy installation booklet

Easy to install

 Just follow the simple instructions provided in the included booklet. You will need to have a qualified electrcian check the system and do the AC connection for you.

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  • Asked by Brian
    on 27/08/2018
    What is included in the Micro Inverter Grid-Tie Kit ? Answer:
    Hi Brian, apologies, we see the page is not displaying fully. We will update that. The kit consists of: Includes: ○ APSystems YC500 micro-inverter ○ 2 x 275W Tier 1 solar modules ○ 8 x Powarsnap clips ○ 4m Solarsrut bracket ○ Handy installation bookletRegards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Jack
    on 28/08/2018
    Good day For safety in case of Escom failure, is change over switch included to prevent feed back from this system into grid? Where are your offices? Answer:
    Hi Jack, grid tie systems shut down automatically in the event of a grid failure, i.e they don't work at all when there is no mains power present. This is a legal requirement and the functionality is built into every legal grid tie inverter. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Jack
    on 01/09/2018
    Thank you for your response below. Please forward the installation booklet so that I can determine whether I will be able to install system myself Regards Jack Answer:
    Hi Jack. Will do. Installation is very simple although the final connection to your DB board must be done by a qualified electrician. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Craig Armstrong
    on 17/09/2018
    Hi Guys,Just to make sure I understand, if I purchase the kit and install it now, I can add more micro-inverters later or more PVs into the string to produce more DC and in turn more AC out on the same micro inverter? Do you get a 2 KW grid tie inverter that as time goes by I can just add more and more panels until it is "full"?Thanks guys.Regards Answer:
    HI Craig. Yes, you can continue adding microinverters indefinitely. Yes we have one available here: https://www.solar-shop.co.za/inverters/104-solis-20kw-mini-4g-single-tracker-grid-tie-inverter.html Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Thabo Horward mtshweni
    on 28/10/2018
    I want to now how Long is going to last when there's no sun Answer:
    Hi there. Grid tie inverters don't have batteries. They only work when the sun shines. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by John
    on 14/11/2018
    Hi 2 questionsReplus 300-EU Can you limit the output by switching in or out various panels ( grid feedback prevention ) Does it work on its own without need of power line comms devices etc Thanks Answer:
    Hi John, no you can't prevent back feeding with this inverter. The inverter itself works on its own. Regards Solar Shop Support
  • Asked by Ralph
    on 19/11/2018
    Hi please forward the installation booklet to me. Is the MI-600 the Hoymiles type? What can I use to monitor how much I’m saving on this micro inverter and what is the cost? Answer:
    Hi Ralph, you can find the manual here: http://www.hoymiles.com/Download/MI-500%20MI-600%20MI-700%20Microinverter%20User%20Manual-R1.pdf You can use this device to monitor all your microinverters: https://www.solar-shop.co.za/micro-inverters/185-hoymiles-microinverter-dtu-0712885416899.html. Pricing is also on this page. Regards Solar Shop Support