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Off-grid Solar Kit - 5kVA Max


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Solar Backup Power Kit - 5kVA

Peak power output5kW
Usable battery energy*~4 Units (kWhr)
Average daily solar production*~20 Units (kWhr)

 *Subject to many external factors

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If you have a modern version of Excel, you can download our sizing tool here and try out different combinations of load, batteries, panels etc.

Our 5kVA Off Grid kit consists of:

  • 1 x 5kVA Solar Hybrid Inverter MKS II (4500W MPPT) 

  • 12 x 335W Canadian Solar Tier 1 Solar Modules 

  • 4 x Vision 200Ah 12V AGM Sealed Batteries 

  • 50m x 6.0mm Solar Cable

  • DC Switch

  • MC4 Connector kit

  • Mounting Clips and channel (2 x 6m rows)

Please note that these kits do not include installation.

For those not overly familiar with solar power, this kit can store around 4 Units of electricity in the batteries.

This means that at night when there is no sun, you could watch a 300W TV for about 13 hours before the batteries went flat (300W x 13 hours = 3900Whrs = 3.9 Units of electricity)


you could run 40 x 5W LED globes for 10 hours (5W x 40 x10 hours = 2000Whrs = 2 Units of electricity)


a 2000W kettle for an 2 hours straight (2000W * 2 hour = 4000Whrs = 4 Units of electricity) *Not sure why you would do that but who knows?*


any combination of the above that adds up to 4 Units.

During the day, the solar panels can produce up to 3.96 kW's in full sunlight (12 x 330W = 3.960W). Assuming 5 full "sun hours" in a day you would produce up to 20 units of electricity. The panels will first charge the batteries and after that will add whatever power they can produce to your grid, so you may be able to run off up to 100% solar power during daylight hours, depending on weather conditions.

If you need to do more than the above you need a bigger kit or more batteries. Please contact us and we can do a quote for you.


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questions Guest on 24/09/2019

Can I check the solar production and the charging status of the battery with my phone? could I check that as well remotely, i.e. if I am not at home?


Hi, only if you add an aftermarket monitoring solution such as the ICC (inverter Control Centre) available here:

questions Mr Ashraf Malick on 26/06/2019

Can this system be installed as a grid-tied solution with a prepaid meter without feeding back any excess solar-generated energy back into the grid?


Hi there, yes while you can connect a grid input to this system, it isn't able to feedback energy to the grid.

questions Joyce on 01/05/2019

Hi there, what is the warranty for each of these components?


Hi Joyce. Panels - 10 years, , inverter - 2 years, batteries 1 year 

questions JP on 22/04/2019

If you connect all the panels in series will the voltage not be too high to for the inverter to handle? I think the 5kw system input is only 145V DC or am I wrong?


Hi JP. the MPPT on the MKS II is 120V - 430Vdc

questions Marius on 30/03/2019

I have three phase house that averages around 42 kWh a day. I want a system that will be sufficient in running the house of the grid for 4.5 hours. Will I be able to connect this system to a three phases supply where I just run one phase of the solar system. Does the system come with all the connectors included?


Hi Marius. Yes, you can connect this system to a single phase of three. All connectors on the DC side are included. The ac side is up to your licensed electrician. 

questions Werner on 28/03/2019

Good day I want to know, will this kit work in line with my supply? in other words, if my demand is more than the supply of the solar panels and batteries, will the rest of the current be drawn from my electricity supply? Regards Werner


Hi Werner, yes that is exactly how it works. 

questions Cameron Harris on 21/03/2019

Is it possible to use this kit as a hybrid solution (i.e. to take the load of Eskom supply and as a backup when Eskom supply is unavailable? Would any extra equipment be required to use this kit as in this way? Best wishes, Cameron Harris


Hi Cameron, yes these inverters can operate in this way. 

questions Nathan on 12/12/2018

Good day REFERENCE: Off-grid Solar Kit - 5kVA Max: R 59,950.00 tax incl. Please advise if this system is scaleable? Can I grow it as i need to? Could I add more solar panels and batteries, OR would I then need to upgrade the Inverter accordingly, OR could more batteries be added to the existing system to store more power? Your feedback would be appreciated. Thanks again Nathan


Hi Nathan, you could add more batteries, but no more panels. 

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