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Off-grid Solar Kit - 5kVA Plus


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Solar Backup Power Kit - 5kVA

Peak power output5kW
Usable battery energy*~2 Units (kWhr)
Average daily solar production*~10 Units (kWhr)

 *Subject to many external factors

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If you have a modern version of Excel, you can download our sizing tool here and try out different combinations of load, batteries, panels etc.

Our 5kVA Off Grid kit consists of:

  • 1 x 5kW Solar Hybrid Inverter (4500W MPPT) 

  • 6 x 340W JA Solar Tier 1 Solar Modules 

  • 4 x Vision 100Ah 12V AGM Sealed Batteries 

  • 50m x 4.0mm Solable

  • DC Switch

  • MC4 Connector kit

  • Mounting Clips and channel (2 x 6m)

Please note that these kits do not include installation.

For those not overly familiar with solar power, this kit can store around 2 Units of electricity in the batteries.

This means that at night when there is no sun, you could watch a 300W TV for about 6.5 hours before the batteries went flat (300W x 6.5 hours = 1950Whrs = 1.95 Units of electricity)


you could run 40 x 5W LED globes for 10 hours (5W x 40 x10 hours = 2000Whrs = 2 Units of electricity)


a 2000W kettle for an hour straight (2000W * 1 hour = 2000Whrs = 2 Units of electricity) *Not sure why you would do that but who knows?*


any combination of the above that adds up to 2 Units.

During the day, the solar panels can produce up to 1.980 kW's in full sunlight (6 x 330W = 1980W). Assuming 5 full "sun hours" in a day you would produce over 8 units of electricity. The panels will first charge the batteries and after that will add whatever power they can produce to your grid, so you may be able to run off up to 100% solar power during daylight hours, depending on weather conditions.

If you need to do more than the above you need a bigger kit or more batteries. Please contact us and we can do a quote for you.


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questions Erance on 10/07/2020

I see this system has 4 12V 100AH batteries and is specified at 200AH does this mean the inverter is 24V? I saw in one of your comments you mentioned the 200AH is actually at 50% cycle which would mean a total of 400AH battery capacity which would mean all 4 batteries connected in parallel which would imply a 12V inverter. I would think this would be a 100AH (Full Cycle) system at 48V I am a bit confused. Please clarify


Hi Erance. We can't see anywhere on this page where it's specified at 200Ah. The system is a 48V system with 4 x 12V 100Ah batteries so all 4 batteries need to be connected in series to give you the required 48V.

This then gives you 100Ah @48V. The 2 Units (kwhr) of storage is then at a little below the recommended DOD of 50% for these batteries.

questions Johan Kotze on 19/02/2020

If I want to enlarge the 6 panel bank ,in what increments can it be done?


Hi Johan, the way the inverter's MPPT is designed, you can go from 3 to 8 in increments of 1, but after that you need to increase in increments of two.,

questions De Klerk Knoetze on 17/01/2020

I see this is a off-grid system. Will I be able to switch to solar if and when required to do so manually or will this only switch to solar when we are experiencing loadshedding? My idea is to run fridges, freezer and lights permanently on solar, utilizing solar for fridges and freezers during the day, grid during the night and all lights on battery at night time and then using only the grid for pool pump and timer tied geezers. Hope this makes sense. Thanks.


Hi De Klerk. This kit will operate in exactly the way you want it to - you don't have to manually intervene - Just set the inverter to SUB priority (Solar, then Utility, then Battery). Solar will run permanently and will power your loads and charge the battery depending on how much solar generation is available..

questions Jannie on 15/01/2020

What about depth of discharge? If it stores 2 units how much can actually be used?


Hi Jannie, 2 units is the usable amount. A DOD of 50% has already been taken into account in these figures.

questions Collin on 09/11/2019

Confirm that I can upgrade the 5 kVA Plus to 5 kVA, Max, at a later stage.


Hi Colin. You can upgrade, however we're not fans of adding new lead acid batteries to old ones, as this will negatively affect the lifespan of both.

questions Wesley on 26/08/2019

Can this inverter be installed outdoors or under a car port? Or is it silent operation?


Hi Wesley. This inverter is not outdoor rated. IT is pretty quiet although it can develop some significant fan noise when under heavy load, so we suggest installing in a garage or back room somewhere.

questions Steve Lombard on 12/08/2019

Good day, if I double the battery bank, will this double my storage units?


Hi Steve, it will yes.

questions Pollie Human on 06/08/2019

Hi We are building a house from scratch in the Tulbagh /Wolseley area in the Western Cape. It is in a Nature Reserve and we have a Eskom connection. It is sort of a week-end house so during the week the fridge, outside security lights, alarm system and outside cameras will run 24/7. I need a system that can change over to Eskom when necessary.


Hi Pollie. This will work. If you want to be more accurate, use this sizing tool here:

questions Pieter Louw on 26/07/2019

Good Day, Should I require a 10 kVA unit, could I simply buy two of these 5 kVA units and link them?


Hi Pieter, yes you can do that successfully and it will be the most cost effective approach.

questions Kwena Poopedi on 18/07/2019

Can I be able to cook using a stove and use the geyser using Off-grid solar power?


Hi Kwena. No, you won't. Cooking and hot water are huge power users and generally are not suitable for being power via solar electricity.

questions Bryan  on 08/05/2019

Can one have a system without the solar panels and then add on at a later stage? The idea is to keep the batteries charged by the Grid and then use the system when the Grid is off; the change-over to be automatic.


Hi Bryan, yes no problem, this will work as you describe without solar panels.

questions Marco Munnik on 19/03/2019

What is the max number of panels I can add to this kit?


Hi Marco, generally around 16, depending on the panel specifications. 

questions Clive on 17/03/2019

Can this system accommodate Lithium-Ion batteries should one want to do a future upgrade?


Hi Clive, yes it can. 

questions Paul on 10/02/2019

Dear Solar Shop, from reading the specs on this kit I suppose it's scaleable to a certain extent? So after installing it, I'll be able to add a few more panels and batteries as my budget and the specifications allow? Thanks for a great site.


Hi Paul, thanks. Yes, you can go up to 4000W worth of panels on this inverter whereas the kit ships with 1770W of panels. The batteries are a bit trickier, since it's not recommended to mix old batteries with new as this will decrease the overall life of both sets. 

questions Ryno Jacobs on 22/01/2019

Good day when the sun is shining and this unit operates will it send the power to the appliances first and then where extra power is available then charges the batteries? Does it have an electrical 220v charger also for the batteries?


Hi Ryno. Yes, it can be set to operate this way - or you can set it to first charge the battery and then send any excess power to the load, it's up to you. The inverter also accepts an ac source (grid or generator) to optionally charge the batteries with should you want to go that route. 

questions Paul Erasmus on 05/12/2018

Good afternoon I am interested in the Off-grid Solar Kit - 5kVA Plus. Can you switch to off-grid when there us load shedding and switch back to grid power when online again? Will you be able to switch auto or can it be done manually?


Hi Paul, all the switching is done automatically - Once correctly installed, no user intervention is required. 

questions Raul on 04/12/2018

Could I connect two of these units and what about installation?


HI Raul, yes you can parallel between two and six of these units. We don't do installations. Let us know where you are and we may be able to refer you to a local installer. 


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