Please be warned: There are people going around selling stolen and/or 2nd hand telecom batteries. Currently under the name and, but constantly coming up with new names that sound similar to established businesses.

If you do receive your battery from these people it will be either stolen or second hand and it is highly likely that it will NOT work with your existing equipment, since the software in these batteries are designed to work with specialised telco equipment only. There may be many more of these fake sites.

How to spot these fake sites:


1. If the price seems too good to be true, then it is

Solar Shop sell our batteries at VERY competitive prices and if you find a battery cheaper than us it's going to be by 5% max. IT IS NOT GOING TO BE HALF THE PRICE!


2. The use of Gmail email addresses

Gmail is a great email service, but it is even better if you want to create a quick anonymous account that can be shut down in an instant with no trace left of you. A proper business will have an email address linked to their main domain, for example ours is NOT


3. Incomplete websites

At first glance these websites can look fairly impressive, but look a little deeper. Do they have decent contact details? A complete physical address and a landline phone number? Are there details on the site regarding Terms and Conditions of purchase? Are there delivery terms and details? Is there a published returns process? All these items are the boring detail that any legitimate business needs to publish on their site in order to be legally compliant and also to let you the buyer know what the finer details of the transaction are.


4. Very new domain names

If the business is claiming 10 or twenty years experience in the solar industry (as they often do) then why are their domain names only 3 or 4 months old? was registered less than 3 months ago (at the time of writing) and is also less than a year old


If you or someone you know has fallen foul of these people then please let us know by emailing us at