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5kW VMIII Hubble Lithium Ion Power Backup Kit

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  • 5kW VMIII Hubble Lithium Ion Power Backup Kit

This pack contains

Kodak 5kW VMIII Hubble Lithium Ion Power Backup Kit

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Peak power output5kW
Usable battery energy~5 Units (kWhr)
Max instantaneous power from battery only ~5kW

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For those not overly familiar with electrical power, this system can store 5 Units of electricity in the batteries.

This means that at during a power failure, you could watch a 250W TV for about 20 hours before the batteries went flat (250W x 20 hours = 5000Whrs = 5 Units of electricity)


you could run 40 x 5W LED globes for 25 hours (5W x 40 x 25 hours = 5000Whrs = 5 Units of electricity)


a 2000W kettle for an 2.5 hours straight (2000W * 2.5 hour = 4500Whrs =5 Units of electricity) *Not sure why you would do that but who knows?*


any combination of the above that adds up to 5 Units.

The system will switch from grid power to battery power automatically upon grid failure, and automatically back to grid when power returns. The batteries will then automatically recharge.


The settings for the RCT VMIII to work with the Hubble AM-2 are as follows:

Voltronics VMIII Settings
Hubble AM-2
Battery Charge Amps
(Setting 02)
Recommend 40Amp per battery
Battery Type
​(Setting 05)
Voltage point back to Utility
​(Setting 12)
Voltage point back to Battery
(Setting 13)
Bulk Charge
​(Setting 26)
Float Charge Voltage
(Setting 27)
Low DC Cut off
​(Setting 29)
15 Items

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Can I add a wind generator to this system?


Hi Pieter, possibly - you would need to check with the wind turbine supplier whether the specs of the turbine will allow integration with the inverters MPPT

Pieter Botes on 11/02/2023 21:17:00

With this package in mind can i add solar panels to the system? Which would be sufficient and would you recommend?


Hi Henri, yes you can. You will need a minimum of 4 panels for it to work, and could have as many as 16 panels (depending on panel size).

The number of panels you need will be dependent on your load requirements.

Henri on 06/05/2022 00:04:00

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