Alpha-ESS Smile5 Energy Storage system


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11.4kWH Lithium Ion Home Battery with built-in intelligent inverter 

For residential or small business applications.

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Secure your energy independance with an Alpha-ESS Energy Storage System (ESS) for residential applications as used in the South Australian home battery scheme



11.4kWH Lithium Ion Home Battery with built-in intelligent 5kW inverter. 

All-in-one energy storage system. 11.4kWh battery capacity. Max 21.6 kWh battery capacity in the cabinet, expandable to 97.2 kWh.




  • Two powerful built-in MPPT's - simply add solar panels, no additional equipment required

  • Attractive modular design - add battery modules as you go - up to 97kWh.

  • 24/7 monitoring via web and Android/IOS app.

  • VPP (Virtual Power Plant) ready - co-ordinate charge and discharge across an residential estate.

  • Lithium iron phosphate, the safest chemistry of all lithium battery types

  • Compatible with both new installations and retrofits (AC- or DC-coupled)

  • German design, superb performance and long lifespan

  • Multiple operation modes available

  • 10-year battery warranty - 10 000 cycle life



ESS Layout



Output4600 WMax. Capacity34.4 kWh
BatterySMILE5-BATDimensions600 x 250 x 1800 mm
Battery Capacity 5.7 kWhWeight180kg




Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud server

Real-time monitoring anywhere with web and mobile apps

Remote control of system for maximum savings

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  • Asked by Jimmy
    on 17/05/2019
    what is the suggested solar panel size to recharge this unit for optimal use off grid Answer:
    Hi Jimmy, there is no number like this. You would size the panels according to your electricity consumption and your day/night usage split. The Alpha ESS system can accommodate 5 - 6kW of panels which in many parts of the country will produce around 20 - 30 units per day of which 11Units could be stored in the Alpha ESS batteries for night time use.
  • Asked by Rory
    on 31/05/2019
    MorningDoes this system work as a hybrid inverter in other words will it use a combination of grid , solar and batteries depending on how it’s programmed. Or would I be better off with your 6kw solar power solution and a Goodwe hybrid inverter Answer:
    Hi Rory. It does indeed. It has the same functionality as the Goodwe, only in an attractive package and is better value if you're looking for a decent amount of storage.
  • Asked by AJ
    on 18/06/2019
    Hi, can you connect AC from panels with microinverters to the Alpha ESS inverter for distribution to the DB and battery backup? Any recommended installers in the Pretoria area? Answer:
    Hi AJ, that certainly wouldn't be the recommended solution since the Alpha-ESS already performs the function of the micro-inverters. You will need to contact us via email for installer information.
  • Asked by Ganesh Prasad
    on 02/07/2019
    I have an Alpha-ESS Storion SMILE5 system - 17 x LonGi panels of 315 W, producing 5.3 kW, inverter and two batteries with a combined capacity of 11.4 kWh. But this only covers me for 2/3 of my power requirement. The remaining 1/3 I have to draw from the grid. With the same inverter, can I add more panels and more batteries? I'm guessing I need 6 more panels and one more battery, but what is the maximum expansion I can get with the current inverter? Answer:
    Hi Ganesh, yes you can add more panels. You can theoretically put 24 panels onto the system but you will experience some clipping at peak production. Adding more batteries is not a problem.
  • Asked by Jac
    on 09/07/2019
    Good dayCan the batteries be replaced after 10 years independently of the built-in inverter?RegardsJac Answer:
    Hi Jac, they certainly can, although we would hope they last longer than the guarantee period.
  • Asked by Jimmy
    on 24/07/2019
    Good day. If I have 18 X 325Watt Panels @ VoC 46.35 and want to split the array to have 9 panels Facing East and 9 panels facing West how would the panels get grouped in series or parallel to connect to the Alpha Ess Smile5? Where could I find a Solar Panel Wiring Diagram for this Unit? Answer:
    Hi Jimmy, it's very easy. A row of 9 panels in series for each side of the roof. each row of panels will connect to one of the Alphas 2 MPPT's.
  • Asked by Jimmy
    on 24/07/2019
    How would I wire the system so that only essential appliances receive power from the battery in the event of power outage but excess produced power from solar can still be fully utilized during the day by other appliances like an geyser when the batteries are fully charged? Answer:
    Hi Jimmy. The Alpha ESS has this functionality out of the box. The circuits you want protected during power outages are connected to the backup output of the Alpha. Any excess solar power produced (after the backup loads are being powered and the batteries charged) will flow onto the rest of your household grid (This is the grid tie portion of the functionality).
  • Asked by Dries
    on 25/07/2019
    Can this be used off grid? Answer:
    Hi Dries. It can yes, but a lot of the cost of the unit applies to the grid tie functionality which you would then not be utilising.
  • Asked by Eugene
    on 04/08/2019
    HiWe use 1,200 to 1,400 kwh per month and want to install a system that enables us to run 100% on solar, but still remain grid-tied.We live in Pretoria East and our roof is not optimal for panels (we would need to add more panels, one set East facing, and the 2nd West facing) to ensure that we van generate enough to support our night time consumption. In total we have space for about 18 panels.Can you recommend a panel that would meet our requirement?How many Lithium batteries would we need? Answer:
    Hi Eugene, you will need two of these systems to do that. You need approximately 10kW of panels to produce 1400 Units per month. The battery requirement will depend on your day/night energy split, but the batteries supplied in the system will generally suffice.
  • Asked by Dave
    on 17/08/2019
    Hi Reader From what I understand in the previous Q&A below, this is Alpha-ESS Smile5 Energy Storage system is Grid-Tied? Once the batteries are charged, excess power is sent back into the grid? Should I run out of battery power during the evening, the Smile5 will draw current from the grid? Thanking you kindly Dave Answer:
    Hi Dave, that is correct, except the system will first charge your batteries and run your backup loads (you can decide the order in which it does this), and only then will it feed excess power to the rest of your household grid. It has further functionality built-in that then allows you to decide whether you want to exports any left over power backwards through the meter or not.
  • Asked by Jay
    on 17/09/2019
    Do l need to notify Metro before l install this system Answer:
    Hi Jay. Each area has their own regulations. You don't say where you are.
  • Asked by Sibanda Cephas
    on 22/09/2019
    Maximum pv current Maximum pv voltage What type of solar panels will work on this unit? Answer:
    Hi, our range of poly and mono panels will work on this inverter. The spec sheet is available for download directly opposite the picture of the product. You can find all the info you need there. The inverter has 2 x MPPT each with an input voltage of 580Vdc. Here is the link for your convenience:

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