Alpha-ESS Smile5 11.4kWh Energy Storage & 5.84kWp Solar Array


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11.4kWH Lithium Ion Home Battery with built-in intelligent inverter and 5.7kW solar array.

Manufacturers Warranties 
Inverter: 5 years 
Batteries: 10 years
Panels: 10 years, 25 year performance

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Secure your energy independance with an Alpha-ESS Energy Storage System (ESS) for residential applications as used in the South Australian home battery scheme



11.4kWH Lithium Ion Home Battery with built-in intelligent 5kW inverter. 

All-in-one energy storage system. 11.4kWh battery capacity. Max 21.6 kWh battery capacity in the cabinet, expandable to 97.2 kWh.

5.7KWp JA Solar Monocrystalline Array (15 panels) and mounting structure.



  • Two powerful built-in MPPT's - simply add solar panels, no additional equipment required

  • Attractive modular design - add battery modules as you go - up to 97kWh.

  • 24/7 monitoring via web and Android/IOS app.

  • VPP (Virtual Power Plant) ready - co-ordinate charge and discharge across a residential estate.

  • Lithium iron phosphate, the safest chemistry of all lithium battery types

  • Compatible with both new installations and retrofits (AC- or DC-coupled)

  • German design, superb performance and long lifespan

  • Multiple operation modes available

  • 10 year battery warranty - 10 000 cycle life



ESS Layout



Output4600 WMax. Capacity34.4 kWh
BatterySMILE5-BATDimensions600 x 250 x 1800 mm
Battery Capacity 5.7 kWhWeight180kg




Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud server

Real-time monitoring anywhere with web and mobile apps

Remote control of system for maximum savings


Pack content


questions SolarEnthusiast on 20/01/2021

I am asking based on a previous questions that was answered. 1. If you register this system as residential system and i should install the 28 solar panels will it be approved. 2. The Inverter will be connected on a standard home breaker 60A and the Output of the Inverter is 4.6kWh can this be done according to COCT 3. What is the benefits of installing the 9.2kWh panels if the inverter only manages 4.6kWh 4. If one of the MPPT's fail how will it impact the system with regards to fixing it 5. Is the batteries limited or can it use Pylontech as well 6. Does the inverter come with a change over switch 7. Does the inverter connect via Wi-Fi or Network Cable to my home network



1. You cannot put 28 panels on the MPPTs without exceeding the max voltage of the MPPT's so in this case the point is moot.

2. In principle yes, although you will need to confirm with your local authority first.

3. Not applicable as per point 1, but even if you could put that many solar panels on it would largely be a waste of money. The standard is to oversize the array by 10 - 15% max in South Africa for this application.

4. You will have to return it via the distributors RMA process for repair.

5. It only works with its own Alpha-ESS battery, no others.

6. No, this would form part of the standard electrical installation if required by the client.

7. Network cable is preferred, but you can plug a wifi extender into its Ethernet port if you cannot cable the unit to your router.

questions Mahmood on 16/07/2020

Hello 1) Can this inverter handle the separation of loads into priority and non-priority? (priority e.g. lights and small appliance plugs in the house, non-priority e.g. pool pump) 2)Will this inverter feed excess energy from the panels during the day into appliances that are on a non priority circuit. I am trying to choose between the Alpha-ESS and a Deye/Sunsynk Thank you.


Hi Mahmood. Both the Alpha and the Deye inverters have an essential loads output for back up and  when the batteries are full and the essential loads are catered for, they will both feed the excess solar production to the rest of your household grid.

questions Roger on 06/07/2020

Hi. Does this system work with 3 phase utility power installations?


Hi Roger, no this is a single phase solution only

questions Raphael on 29/06/2020

Does the monitoring of the system using Azure require additional cost?


Hi Raphael, no there is no additional cost or subscription fee for this service.

You just need your own internet connection available.

questions Joshua on 22/04/2020

If my house draws a current of say 40- 50 amps will the output current of the inverter be able to handle it even though the solar panels are only 5.8kw/h? I noticed the pack doesn't come with and distribution boxes or breakers. How are solar panels connected and isolated?


Hi Joshua. The inverter is 5kW therefore you can only pull around 25A ac max from the backup output. The solar array isolator is contained within the inverter package as are the ac input and output breakers.

You can find the spec sheet for the Canadian Solar panels here:

questions Findo on 18/04/2020

Hi 1) Can I use this system with Monocrystalline panels wired in parallel? 2) if I opt for monocrystalline will you source them for me.


Hi, yes you can use mono panels if you'd prefer, no problem. We have a range of mono panels.

questions William on 16/03/2020

What does the monitoring of the system cost?


Hi William. There is no cost for the monitoring system, other than your own internet connectivity.

questions Machiel on 10/03/2020

Can I use a Supercapacitor battery with this system?


Hi Machiel, no you can't. It's an all-in-one system designed to work with their own Li-ion batteries.

questions Hendrik Jansen on 21/02/2020

1) If I install this 5.84kW 11.4kWh system and the batteries are down to 20%, how long should it take on a normal sunshine day to recharge the batteries? 2) While charging the batteries, where does the electricity come from for usual appliances running 24/7 like fridge? 3) If the panels generate more than what the batteries require to recharge and what daytime usage is, what happens to the surplus? Can it be fed back through the meter and do I get any benefit for that?


Hi Hendrik

1) About 2 hours

2) From solar power if there is excess available otherwise from the grid (These settings can be prioritised via the settings on the inverter)

3) Any soloar surplus is fed onto the non-essential (not backed up) circuits in your house like the stove/geyser, etc. If you have a formal agreement with your electricity provider, excess above this can be fed back through the meter in terms with their requirements. In most cases this is generally not a particularly good deal for the home owner. If you cannot feedback to through the meter, excess power will simply not be produced by the inverter.

questions Rupert on 16/02/2020

Hi, What is the max storage capacity this system can be extended to?


Hi Rupert, you can go up to to 6 batteries for a total of 34.2kWh per inverter.

questions T Strauss  on 28/10/2019

What is the price for 21 kW storage in the system?


Hi Theunis. You will need to add another two batteries to this system to achieve 22kWh. The batteries are available here:
You don't need any other components so the price is simply the cost of this system plus the 2 additional battery units.

questions Eric on 26/10/2019

I use an average of 35 kWh a day. Short periods during some days consumption can go up to 6 kW. (pool pump running, borehole running, microwave running). I'm looking at a +- 10 kW system with batteries, grid-connected for backup. Could this system work seeing as the output is only 4.6 kW?! I assume I can add batteries for more storage and solar panels for more supply , but the output will stay the same ??


Hi Eric, yes it could work. You can contact us during working hours to discuss further.

questions Dries Nel on 17/10/2019

how many solar panels come with the kit, brackets also included? I use 50kwh/day and want to run my household for 4h load-shedding, will this be enough? Thanks


Hi Dries. 1t's 14 x 330W - 4,62kWp. If you use 50kWhs and you divide by 4 hours to get what you use during load shedding it comes out to 12.5kWh. The batteries on this system can store 11kW, so you're 1.5kWh short. Easy enough to just use slightly less power during load shedding and then there's no problem!

questions Brian on 17/09/2019

How any 330W panels can this system take? I see the input current seems low at 12A?


Hi Brian. The system can take up to 14 x 330W on each of it's 2 MPPT's, so 28 panel in total. In the input current is low because you can put all the panels in series (similar to most grid tie inverters). 

questions Johan on 13/09/2019

What is the average battery delivery capacity (kWh) over a 10 hour period (off-grid) on this system?


Hi Johan. This system has 11kWh (Units) of useable battery capacity. That is, If you use 1000W per hour it will last 11 hours. If you use 2000W per hour it will last 5.5 hours.

questions Andre on 13/08/2019

Is this system and inverter approved by the city of Cape Town inverter list. If so then I'm very much interested in 1 Regards Andre


Hi Andre, yes the system is on the City of Cape Town's approved inverter list and has it's NRS097 certification.

questions Wayne Brits on 02/08/2019

What is the cost to have this unit installed?


Hi Wayne, please let us know where you reside and we can get an estimate from an installer in your area.

questions Sashchern on 11/04/2019

Good day, I would like to know if the Inverter is bi-directional? Is it capable of allowing power from solar, grid and generator and seamlessly switching between?


Hi Sashchern. Yes, it does everything you ask.

questions Sashchern on 18/03/2019

Just to clarify, the unit includes the solar array of 14 X 330W panels with all associated fittings?


Hi Saschern, that is correct, yes.

questions Adrian on 12/03/2019

Hi Does this system use all of the PV power available before using grid power and will it supplement the PV shortage with grid power. (not wanting to push back into grid). Lastly if the grid fails will one still be able to use the PV array backed up by the battery ?


Hi Adrian. The answer to all your questions is yes. It can also be programmed to do just about any combination thereof. It's really up to the user to define their requirements.


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