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Alpha-ESS Smile5 Inverter


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5kW pure sine wave inverter for use with Smile5 storage system

For residential or small business applications.

Price includes the required Alpha ESS Smart meter

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SMILE5 Li-ion Inverter


For use with the Smile5 batteries.

Fast response, Light load threshold, UPS ability and 24/7 monitoring

Built in MPPT's for direct connection to solar panels





  • Fast response.

  • Light load threshold.

  • UPS ability.

  • 24/7 monitoring.

  • 2 x powerful built in MPPT's for direct solar panel connection.

  • IP65 protection for outdoor mounting.

  • 5 year product warranty.

  • German design, superb performance and long lifespan.


questions Mohammed on 16/04/2021

Hi. Would you recommend the Alpha ESS over the other similar or cheaper priced alternatives. Intent is to run off solar, run one phase (on my 3 phase connection) which would primarily run everything other than oven, washing machine, aircons and geysers. Can a microwave load also be handled by the 5KW inverter? How does it compare to the Mercer?


Hi Mohammed. The Alpha-ES is a full hybrid inverter capable of back-feeding the grid. It can handle up to 5kW of load output. Since microwaves are around 1k, it should have no problem.

Please use our solar sizing tools to determine your load requirements:

questions Raj Gangadin on 25/02/2021

Hi, Can the Alpha-ESS Smile5 Inverter be installed indoors?


Hi Raj. Yes, most definitely!

questions Wehan on 21/01/2021

1. How many of the 10.1Kwh battery modules can be added to this inverter? 2. What will be the recommended panels and the quantity if I were to add 2x 10.1Kwh batteries.


Hi Wehan

1. 6 batteries

2. Max. solar array for this inverter is around 6000W. The array should generally be sized according to your load requirements.

questions xander on 05/01/2021

Hallo, Can you add 2 inverters together to give you 10kw output? Will a single 5kw inverter be able to handle a 160-200 amp inverter welder? Will a single 5kw inverter be able to handle the start up current of a 2.2kw motor? thanks


Hi Xander. No, you can't parallel them nor will a single 5kW inverter run a welder. They're not great with inductive loads and not really designed for anything outside of general household use.

You will be better off looking at the Sunsynk inverter options which can both parallel and handle decent inductive loads. You can see them here:

questions Faan on 19/09/2019

Hi Is this a hybrid inverter? 5000W/4600W DE? If the solar panel power is not enough for my loads, will it draw the rest of the power from the grid? Is there a way in the settings that it can be set not to feed into the grid, as our municipality doesn't allow that? Quality-wise, how is this inverter and Smile5 battery against goodwe 4.6kw and pylontech batteries? Thanks


Hi Faan. Yes, this is a hybrid inverter. Yes, it will supplement from the grid when necessary. Yes, you can set it to not back feed the grid. It is similar quality wise to the Goodwe and Pylontech. Both have 5 year warranties on the inverter and 10 year warranties on the batteries.

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